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P (Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
at T (K)

रासायनिक तत्व सभ खातिर ज्ञानसंदूक जे कोर टेम्पलेट {{Infobox element}} (talk) के इस्तेमाल करे लें।


In general

Usually parameters reproduce the value, and the template adds the SI unit or additional standard text. While the topic is technical, we can strive to make the result readable text, and even verbose. For example, this is why the template writes "(at 0 °C)". For this, you may want to experiment with parameter input too — or propose improvements.

All this can vary across the values (data rows). So depending on the row and the specific value, additional formattings may be added by the template (e.g., a newline <br>)

Central data values

Some data, like standard atomic weight, are read from a central list. This way, enwiki has the same values everywhere. See #Chemical element data lists for more.

Parameter naming patterns

Most parameters have a ... ref that allows for references. This reference is added right after the unit.

ionization energy ref

Parameters with a .. comment suffix are added to the end of a data line, with a space added. Comments are reproduced without formatting additions (no brackets, no italics, …):

ionization energy comment

Numbered values make a list:

ionization energy
ionization energy 2
ionization energy 3
Parameter list
This parameter list: 
See also: Infobox element/testcases-all-params demo.
{{Infobox element
<!-- image -->
|image name=
|image upright=
|spectral image=<!-- central data list -->
<!-- General properties -->
|pronounce=<!-- central data list -->
|alt name=
|alt names=
|standard atomic weight=<!-- central data list -->
<!-- Periodic table -->
|category ref=
|category comment=
|category color=
|group ref=
|group comment=
|period ref=
|period comment=
|block ref=
|block comment=
|electron configuration=
|electron configuration ref=
|electron configuration comment=
|electrons per shell=
|electrons per shell ref=
|electrons per shell comment=
<!-- Physical properties -->
|physical properties comment=
|phase ref=
|phase comment=
|melting point K=
|melting point C=
|melting point F=
|melting point ref=
|melting point comment=
|boiling point K=
|boiling point C=
|boiling point F=
|boiling point ref=
|boiling point comment=
|sublimation point K=
|sublimation point C=
|sublimation point F=
|sublimation point ref=
|sublimation point comment=
|density gplstp=
|density gplstp ref=
|density gplstp comment=
|density kgpm3stp=
|density kgpm3stp ref=
|density kgpm3stp comment=
|density gpcm3nrt=
|density gpcm3nrt ref=
|density gpcm3nrt comment=
|density gpcm3nrt 2=
|density gpcm3nrt 2 ref=
|density gpcm3nrt 2 comment=
|density gpcm3nrt 3=
|density gpcm3nrt 3 ref=
|density gpcm3nrt 3 comment=
|density gpcm3mp=
|density gpcm3mp ref=
|density gpcm3mp comment=
|density gpcm3bp=
|density gpcm3bp ref=
|density gpcm3bp comment=
|molar volume=
|molar volume unit =
|molar volume ref=
|molar volume comment=
|triple point K=
|triple point kPa=
|triple point ref=
|triple point comment=
|triple point K 2=
|triple point kPa 2=
|triple point 2 ref=
|triple point 2 comment=
|critical point K=
|critical point MPa=
|critical point ref=
|critical point comment=
|heat fusion=
|heat fusion ref=
|heat fusion comment=
|heat fusion 2=
|heat fusion 2 ref=
|heat fusion 2 comment=
|heat vaporization=
|heat vaporization ref=
|heat vaporization comment=
|heat capacity=
|heat capacity ref=
|heat capacity comment=
|heat capacity 2=
|heat capacity 2 ref=
|heat capacity 2 comment=
|vapor pressure 1=
|vapor pressure 10=
|vapor pressure 100=
|vapor pressure 1 k=
|vapor pressure 10 k=
|vapor pressure 100 k=
|vapor pressure ref=
|vapor pressure comment=
|vapor pressure 1 2=
|vapor pressure 10 2=
|vapor pressure 100 2=
|vapor pressure 1 k 2=
|vapor pressure 10 k 2=
|vapor pressure 100 k 2=
|vapor pressure 2 ref=
|vapor pressure 2 comment=
<!-- Atomic properties -->
|atomic properties comment=
|electronegativity ref=
|electronegativity comment=
|ionization energy 1=
|ionization energy 1 ref=
|ionization energy 1 comment=
|ionization energy 2=
|ionization energy 2 ref=
|ionization energy 2 comment=
|ionization energy 3=
|ionization energy 3 ref=
|ionization energy 3 comment=
|number of ionization energies=
|ionization energy ref=
|ionization energy comment=
|atomic radius=
|atomic radius ref=
|atomic radius comment=
|atomic radius calculated=
|atomic radius calculated ref=
|atomic radius calculated comment=
|covalent radius=
|covalent radius ref=
|covalent radius comment=
|Van der Waals radius=
|Van der Waals radius ref=
|Van der Waals radius comment=
<!-- Miscellanea -->
|crystal structure=
|crystal structure prefix=
|crystal structure ref=
|crystal structure comment=
|crystal structure 2=
|crystal structure 2 prefix=
|crystal structure 2 ref=
|crystal structure 2 comment=
|speed of sound=
|speed of sound ref=
|speed of sound comment=
|speed of sound rod at 20=
|speed of sound rod at 20 ref=
|speed of sound rod at 20 comment=
|speed of sound rod at r.t.=
|speed of sound rod at r.t. ref=
|speed of sound rod at r.t. comment=
|thermal expansion=
|thermal expansion ref=
|thermal expansion comment=
|thermal expansion at 25=
|thermal expansion at 25 ref=
|thermal expansion at 25 comment=
|thermal conductivity=
|thermal conductivity ref=
|thermal conductivity comment=
|thermal conductivity 2=
|thermal conductivity 2 ref=
|thermal conductivity 2 comment=
|thermal diffusivity=
|thermal diffusivity ref=
|thermal diffusivity comment=
|electrical resistivity=
|electrical resistivity unit prefix=
|electrical resistivity ref=
|electrical resistivity comment=
|electrical resistivity at 0=
|electrical resistivity at 0 ref=
|electrical resistivity at 0 comment=
|electrical resistivity at 20=
|electrical resistivity at 20 ref=
|electrical resistivity at 20 comment=
|band gap=
|band gap ref=
|band gap comment=
|Curie point K=
|Curie point ref=
|Curie point comment=
|magnetic ordering=
|magnetic ordering ref=
|magnetic ordering comment=
|tensile strength=
|tensile strength ref=
|tensile strength comment=
|Young's modulus=
|Young's modulus ref=
|Young's modulus comment=
|Shear modulus=
|Shear modulus ref=
|Shear modulus comment=
|Bulk modulus=
|Bulk modulus ref=
|Bulk modulus comment=
|Poisson ratio=
|Poisson ratio ref=
|Poisson ratio comment=
|Mohs hardness=
|Mohs hardness ref=
|Mohs hardness comment=
|Mohs hardness 2=
|Mohs hardness 2 ref=
|Mohs hardness 2 comment=
|Vickers hardness=
|Vickers hardness ref=
|Vickers hardness comment=
|Brinell hardness=
|Brinell hardness ref=
|Brinell hardness comment=
|CAS number=
|CAS number ref=
|CAS number comment=
<!-- History -->
|predicted by=
|prediction date ref=
|prediction date=
|discovered by=
|discovery date ref=
|discovery date=
|first isolation by=
|first isolation date ref=
|first isolation date=
|discovery and first isolation by=
|named by=
|named date ref=
|named date=
|history comment label=
|history comment=
<!-- Isotopes -->
|isotopes ref=
|isotopes comment=
<!-- other -->
{{Infobox element}}; labels & notes:
Pronunciation (data central)
Alternative name(s)
Periodic table
Atomic number
Standard atomic weight (data central)
Element category (also header bg color)
(sets header bg color, over 'series='-color)
Electron configuration
Electrons per shell
(general note)
Melting point
Boiling point
Sublimation point
Density [g/L at s.t.p.]
Density [kg/m3 at s.t.p.]
Density [g/cm3 near room temperature]
 [g/cm3 near r.t.], #2
 [g/cm3 near r.t.], #3
Density (liquid, melting point) [g/cm3]
Density (liquid, boiling point) [g/cm3]
Molar volume
Unit defaults to cm3/mol
 otherwise set unit prefix=d for dm3/mol (gases)
Triple point
Critical point
Heat of fusion
Heat of vaporization
Molar heat capacity
Vapor pressure
Vapor pressure

Ionization energy
Atomic radius
Covalent radius
Van der Waals radius
Crystal structure
Crystal structure
Speed of sound
Thermal expansion
Thermal conductivity
Thermal diffusivity
Electrical resistivity
Band gap
Curie point
Magnetic ordering
Tensile strength
Young's modulus
Shear modulus
Bulk modulus
Poisson ratio
Mohs hardness
Vickers hardness
Brinell hardness
CAS Number
First isolation
Discovery and first isolation (1 or 2 dates)
Named by
(History comment)
ISOTOPES OF <element>
Isotopes of <element>

रासायनिक तत्व डेटासेट[संपादन]

Infobox element reads data from these lists (not by parameter)

Data sets read by {{Infobox element}}
Name and identifiers देखीं · edit
Top image देखीं · edit
  image caption देखीं · edit
  image alt देखीं · edit
Pronunciation देखीं · edit
Category (enwiki) देखीं · edit
Standard atomic weight देखीं · edit
  most stable isotope देखीं · edit
Oxidation states देखीं · edit
Spectral lines image देखीं · edit




Other subtemplates are used automatically; they do not need specific editor's input.

Bare Periodic table, micro

ब्रिटिश अंगरेजी के वैरिएंट (ENGVAR) वाली इस्पेलिंग[संपादन]

All element articles and their infoboxes use IUPAC spelling of elements and compounds. Notably, that is aluminium, sulfur, caesium, not aluminum, sulphur, cesium. For other English variant words (vapor vs. vapoUr) the infobox reads |engvar=. The parameter should be set in the article, and has options: en-US (or blank; default), en-GB, en-OED.

parameter en-US
en-GB en-OED
color color coloUr coloUr
heat vaporization vaporiZation vaporiSation vaporiZation
vapor pressure vapor vapoUr vapoUr
ionization energy ioniZation ioniSation ioniZation
crystal structure (list) -centEred -centred -centred
… oxidation-state/comment parenthesized brackets brackets

Note, what is shown in the infobox is not influenced by the parameter name spelling, nor its input value.

See this demo for actual engvar effects.



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