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दमन अउरी दीव

विकिपीडिया से
(दमण आ दीव से अनुप्रेषित)
दमन अउरी दीव
Devka Beach in Daman
Devka Beach in Daman
Official logo of दमन अउरी दीव
Coordinates: 20°25′N 72°50′E / 20.42°N 72.83°E / 20.42; 72.83निर्देशांक: 20°25′N 72°50′E / 20.42°N 72.83°E / 20.42; 72.83
देस भारत
Established30 May 1987
 • Member of ParliamentLalubhai Patel
 • AdministratorPraful Khoda Patel
 • Advisor to Administrator, Daman & DiuS. S. Yadav, IAS
 • High CourtBombay High Court
 • Total112 किमी2 (43 बर्ग मील)
 • Rank35th
 • Total242,911
 • Rank6th (among union territories)
 • Density2,200/किमी2 (5,600/बर्ग मील)
 • OfficialKonkani
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (आइएसटी)
ISO 3166 codeIN-DD
No. of districts2
HDIIncrease 0.754 (2005)
HDI Categoryhigh
Sex ratio1.61 /

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