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State of India
Clockwise from top: High Court of Gujarat, Dwarka Beach, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Kankaria Lakefront, Gandhi Ashram, Salt Desert of Kutch.
Clockwise from top: High Court of Gujarat, Dwarka Beach, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Kankaria Lakefront, Gandhi Ashram, Salt Desert of Kutch.
Official seal of Gujarat
Location of Gujarat (marked in red) in India
Location of Gujarat (marked in red) in India
Map of Gujarat
Map of Gujarat
Country  भारत
Region Western India
Established 1 मई 1960
Capital Gandhinagar
Largest City Ahmedabad
Districts 33
 • Governor Om Prakash Kohli
 • Chief Minister Anandiben Patel
 • Legislature Unicameral (182 seats)
 • Parliamentary constituency 26
 • High Court Gujarat High Court
 • कुल 196,024 किमी2 (75,685 बर्गमील)
रकबा रैंक 6th
जनसंख्या (2011)
 • कुल 60,383,628
 • रैंक 9th
 • जनघनत्व 310/किमी2 (800/बर्गमील)
निवासी नाँव Gujarati
Official language
 • Official language Gujarati
 • Spoken languages (Organised alphabetically)
टाइम जोन IST (यूटीसी+05:30)
आइएसओ 3166 कोड IN-GJ
HDI Increase 0.527[5] (medium)
HDI rank 11th (2011)
Literacy 79.31%
वेबसाइट gujaratindia.com

The State of Mumbai was divided into two States i.e. Maharashtra and Gujarat by the Mumbai (Reorganisation) Act 1960

Symbols of Gujarat
भाषा Gujrati
गीत Jai Jai Garavi Gujarat
कलेंडर Saka
जानवर Asiatic Lion
चिरई Greater Flamingo
फूल Tagetes
फर Mango
फेड़ Banyan (Gujarati: 'વડ')
खेल Kabaddi/Cricket

गुजरात भारत के 28 राज्य में से एगो ह। ई के राजधानी गाँधीनगर में स्थित बा। ई भारत के सबसे पश्चिमी राज्य ह।


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