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Bailiwick of Jersey
झंडा Coat of arms
राष्ट्रगान: God Save The Queen  (official)
Island Home  (official) a
Location of  जर्सी  (dark green)
Location of  जर्सी  (dark green)
Status Crown Dependency
and largest city
Saint Helier
49°11.401′N 2°06.600′W / 49.190017°N 2.110000°W / 49.190017; -2.110000
ऑफिशियल भाषा
मान्यताप्राप्त क्षेत्रीय भाषा Jèrriais[1]
नृजातीय समूह (2011[2])
सरकार Crown dependencyb
 •  Monarch Queen Elizabeth II
 •  Lieutenant Governor John McColl
 •  Bailiff William Bailhache[3]
 •  Chief Minister Ian Gorst
Status British Crown dependency
 •  Administrative separation from mainland Normandy
 •  Liberation from German occupation
9 मई 1945 
 •  कुल 118.2[4] किमी2 (227th)
45.56 वर्ग मील
 •  जल (%) 0
 •  2014 अनुमान 100,080[5] (198th)
 •  घनत्व 819/कि॰मी॰ (13thc)
2,121/वर्ग मील
जी॰डी॰पी॰ (पी॰पी॰पी॰) 2013 अनुमान
 •  Total $5.5 billion (£3.7 billion)[5] (166th)
 •  Per capita $57,895 (£37,186) (6th)
ऍच॰डी॰आइ॰ (2008) Steady 0.985[6]
very high · not ranked
करेंसी Pound sterlingd (GBP)
टाइम जोन GMTe
 •  Summer (DST)  (UTC+1)
ड्राइविंग left
कालिंग कोड +44
Patron saint St. Helier
इंटरनेट टी॰ऍल॰डी॰ .je
a. by Gerard Le Feuvre; official for occasions when distinguishing anthem required.
b. Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy.
c. Rank based on population density of Channel Islands, i.e. including the Bailiwick of Guernsey.
d. The States of Jersey issue their own sterling notes and coins (see Jersey pound).
e. In a referendum on 16 October 2008, voters rejected a proposal to adopt Central European Time by 72.4%.[7]

जर्सी (अंगरेजी: Jersey), पूरा नाँव बालिविक ऑफ जर्सी, एगो क्राउन डिपेंडेंसी बाटे जे फ्रांस के नौरमंडी तट से कुछ दूरी पार मौजूद बा।


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बाहरी कड़ी[संपादन]

निर्देशांक: 49°11′24″N 2°6′36″W / 49.19000°N 2.11000°W / 49.19000; -2.11000