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श्रेणी:लेख जिनहन में लैटिन-भाषा के पाठ बाटे

विकिपीडिया से

एह श्रेणी में अइसन लेख बाने जिनहन में लैटिन-भाषा के पाठ बाटे।

The primary purpose of these categories is to facilitate manual or automated checking of text in other languages.

This category should only be added with the {{Lang}} family of templates, never explicitly.

For example: {{Lang|la|text in लैटिन language here}}, which wraps the text with <span lang="la">. Also available is {{Lang-la|text in लैटिन language here}} which displays as लैटिन: text in लैटिन language here.

Note[संपादन करीं]

This category is indirectly triggered by the templates: