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State of Maine
Flag of Maine State seal of Maine
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): "The Pine Tree State"
Motto(s): "Dirigo"
(Latin for "I lead", "I guide", or "I direct")
State song(s): "State of Maine Song"
Map of the United States with Maine highlighted
Official language None[nb 1]
Spoken languages
Demonym Mainer[8]
Capital Augusta
Largest city Portland
Largest metro Portland-South Portland-Biddeford
Area Ranked 39th
 • Total 35,385 sq mi
(91,646 km2)
 • Width 210 miles (338 km)
 • Length 320 miles (515 km)
 • % water 13.5
 • Latitude 42° 58′ N to 47° 28′ N
 • Longitude 66° 57′ W to 71° 5′ W
Population Ranked 42nd
 • Total 1,335,907 (2017 est.)[9]
 • Density 43.0/sq mi  (16.6/km2)
Ranked 38th
 • Median household income $50,756[10] (40th)
 • Highest point Mount Katahdin[11][12][13]
5,270 ft (1606.4 m)
 • Mean 600 ft  (180 m)
 • Lowest point अटलांटिक महासागर[12]
Sea level
Before statehood District of Maine (Massachusetts)
Admission to Union March 15, 1820 (23rd)
President of the Senate Michael Thibodeau (R)[14]
Legislature Maine Legislature
 • Upper house Senate
 • Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. House delegation List
Time zone Eastern: UTC −5/−4
ISO 3166 US-ME
Abbreviations ME, Me.
Website www.maine.gov

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  1. Maine does not have an official language.[2] Both English and French are considered the de facto languages of the state.[3][4][5] French in particular is legally protected and recognized as Maine's minority language.[6][7] Maine (along with Louisiana) is considered apart of the Francophone world and makes up the largest French-speaking population in the United States.[6]


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