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#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]

{{Redr|from alternative spelling}}
Template {{Redr}} is an alias for the This is a redirect template, which may be used to add up to seven appropriate rcats to a redirect. For more information see the documentation on its template page and its comparison page. This rcat may also tag a redirect individually:
#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]

{{R from alternative spelling}}
This is in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.
  • Use this rcat to tag any redirect in any namespace from a title with a different correct spelling of the target.
    • Do not use this rcat to tag a redirect from an incorrectly spelled title – misspelled redirects should be tagged with {{R from misspelling}} instead – such "typo" redirects are frequently good search terms.
  • Pages that link to these redirects may be updated to link directly to the target pages if that results in an improvement of the text. Do not "fix" such links if they are not broken. In addition, these links should not be replaced with piped links.



Please click on each one for more details and guidance.
{{Redr|from alternative spelling|printworthy}}
{{Redr|from alternative spelling|unprintworthy}}
Either {{This is a redirect}} or its alias/shortcut, {{Redr}}, may be used.

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