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टेम्पलेट:Infobox organization/Wikidata

विकिपीडिया से

This version of {{Infobox organisation}} retrieves various parameter values from Wikidata if enabled ("opt-in"), but only in the absence of a locally supplied value. The template calls Module:Wikidata and Module:WikidataIB.

It allows editors at the article level to blacklist various fields so that they do not display. This makes a positive statement that those fields are unsuitable for inclusion in that article's infobox.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Basic[संपादन करीं]

FormerlyOffice international d'hygiène publique
Established7 अप्रैल 1948 (76 years ago)
Typesspecialized agency of the United Nations, open-access publisher, international organization
Countryस्विट्जरलैंड, फिलिपींस
Official Languagesअंग्रेजी, अरबी भाषा, स्पेनिश भाषा, फ्रांसीसी भाषा, रूसी भाषा, चीनी भाषा
DirectorsTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Parent organisationsUnited Nations Economic and Social Council, यूनाइटेड नेशंस
SubsidiariesWorld Health Organization Regional Office for Africa, Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, World Health Organization (France), World Health Organization Regional Office for South-East Asia, World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Just use:

{{infobox organization/Wikidata  | fetchwikidata=ALL}}

and you should get a Wikidata-filled infobox! (Providing the article is linked to a Wikidata entry containing relevant information!). This will by default only fetch information that is sourced on Wikidata.

General example[संपादन करीं]

{{infobox organisation/Wikidata
 | fetchwikidata=ALL
 | suppressfields=flag official_language
 | noicon=on
 | dateformat=mdy
 | chairperson=Peter Pan

This will fetch all available data, prevent the infobox from displaying the fields for flag or official language. |noicon=on will suppress the pencil icons in favour of a single "edit on Wikidata" link at the bottom (see WHO, right). |dateformat=mdy will change the date format to mdy. In addition, every parameter can be used to overwrite the data from Wikidata like the chairperson in the example.

Parameters[संपादन करीं]

Wikidata-specific parameters
Parameter Effect
fetchwikidata allows a whitelist of fields that may be imported from Wikidata; set to "ALL" for all fields; defaults to none
suppressfields allows a blacklist of fields that may be displayed in this infobox; overrides whitelist; defaults to none
onlysourced rejects Wikidata that is unsourced or only imported from a Wikipedia; values: yes/true/1 or no/false/0; defaults to yes
dateformat allows to set the date format for established and dissolved; values: dmy, mdy, or y; defaults to dmy
noicon "ON" will suppress the pencil icons in favour of a single "edit on Wikidata" link at the bottom
qid allows to set a special Wikidata ID, defaults to the current Wikipedia-Page
Subject-specific parameters
Parameter Wikidata property
image 𑂓𑂫𑂱 (P18)
caption (P2096)
logo (P154)
map (P154)
abbreviation 𑂓𑂷𑂗 𑂢𑂰𑂀𑂫 (P1813)
formerly (P1365)
named_after 𑂢𑂰𑂀𑂫 𑂍𑂵 𑂥𑂰𑂠 (P138)
pronunciation (P898)
motto (P1451)
established (P571)
founders (P112)
founding_location (P740)
dissolved (P576)
type (P31)
legal status (P1454)
aim (P3712)
headquarters (P159)
location (P276)
country देश (P17)
coordinates अक्षांस-देशांतर लोकेशन (P625)
membership (P2124)
official_language 𑂩𑂰𑂔𑂦𑂰𑂎𑂰 (P37)
owner (P127)
ceo (P169)
director (P1037)
chairperson (P488)
parent_organisation (P749)
part_of 𑂍𑂵 𑂯𑂱𑂮𑂹𑂮𑂰 (P361)
subsidiary (P355)
affiliations (P1416)
budget (P2769)
revenue (P2139)
expenses (P2402)
assets (P2403)
staff (P1128)
volunteers (P6125)
awards (P166)
url ऑफिशियल वेबसाइट (P856)

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