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Usage[संपादन करीं]

{{{name}}} is located in पृथिवी
Location {{{location}}}
Address {{{address}}}
Opening date{{{date_opened}}}
Closing date{{{date_closed}}}
No. of rooms{{{rooms}}}
Total gaming space{{{space_gaming}}}
Permanent shows{{{shows}}}
Signature attractions{{{attractions}}}
Notable restaurants{{{notable_restaurants}}}
Casino type{{{casino_type}}}
Operating license holder{{{license_holder}}}
Previous names{{{names_pre}}}
Renovated in{{{renovations}}}
Coordinates0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0

Copy and paste the following at the start of the casino article:

{{Infobox casino
| name                   = 
| logo                   = 
| logo_size              = 
| logo_alt               = 
| logo_caption           = 
| image                  = 
| image_size             = 
| image_alt              = 
| image_caption          = 
| pushpin_map            = 
| pushpin_mapsize        = 
| pushpin_map_alt        = 
| pushpin_map_caption    = 
| pushpin_label_position = 
| coordinates            = <!-- {{Coord}} -->
| location               = 
| address                = 
| date_opened            = <!-- {{start date|yyyy|mm|dd}} -->
| date_closed            = <!-- {{End date|yyyy|mm|dd}} -->>
| theme                  = 
| rooms                  = 
| space_gaming           = <!-- {{convert}} -->
| shows                  = 
| attractions            = 
| notable_restaurants    = 
| casino_type            = 
| owner                  = 
| license_holder         = <!-- Use only if different from owner -->
| architect              = 
| names_pre              = <!-- (previous names) -->
| renovations            = 
| website                = 
| footnotes              = 
| embedded               =

Example[संपादन करीं]

Photograph of the Bellagio casino, Las Vegas
Map showing location of Bellagio Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip
Map showing location of Bellagio Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip
Location within Downtown Las Vegas
Location Paradise, Nevada
Address 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Opening dateOctober 15, 1998
ThemeBellagio, Italy
No. of rooms3,933
Total gaming space116,000 वर्ग फु (10,800 मी2)
Permanent showsO by Cirque du Soleil
Signature attractions
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
  • Conservatory
  • The Fountains of Bellagio
  • The Bank Nightclub
Notable restaurants
Casino typeLand
OwnerMGM Mirage
ArchitectDeRuyter Butler and Atlandia Design
Renovated inBellagio Spa Tower, 2004, 2006-07
Coordinates36°06′47″N 115°10′35″W / 36.11306°N 115.17639°W / 36.11306; -115.17639

For the Bellagio (resort):

{{Infobox casino
| name = Bellagio
| logo = | logo_size = | logo_alt = | logo_caption = 
| image = Bellagio2010.JPG
| image_size = 250
| image_alt = Photograph of the Bellagio casino, Las Vegas
| image_caption = 
| pushpin_map = United States Downtown Las Vegas
| pushpin_mapsize = 
| pushpin_map_alt = Map showing location of Bellagio Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip
| pushpin_map_caption = Location within Downtown Las Vegas
| pushpin_label_position = right
| coordinates = {{coord|36|06|47|N|115|10|35|W|region:US-NV_type:landmark|display=inline}}
| location = [[Paradise, Nevada|Paradise]], [[Nevada]]
| address = 3600 [[Las Vegas Boulevard]] South
| date_opened = October 15, 1998
| date_closed = 
| theme = [[Bellagio, Italy]]
| rooms = 3,933
| space_gaming = {{convert|116000|sqft|m2|abbr=on}}
| shows = ''[[O (Cirque du Soleil)|O]]'' by [[Cirque du Soleil]]
| attractions = {{hlist |Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art |Conservatory |''The Fountains of Bellagio'' |''The Bank Nightclub''}}
| notable_restaurants = {{hlist |''[[Le Cirque (Las Vegas)|Le Cirque]]'' |''Circo'' |''[[Picasso]]'' |''Michael Mina'' |''Jasmine'' |''Jean-Georges' Prime'' |''Olives'' |''Sensi''}}
| casino_type = Land
| owner = [[MGM Mirage]]
| architect = DeRuyter Butler and Atlandia Design
| names_pre = 
| renovations = Bellagio Spa Tower, 2004, 2006-07
| website = {{URL|www.bellagio.com|Bellagio.com}}
| footnotes = 

Parameter descriptions[संपादन करीं]

Required parameters are shown in bold italics.

Field Description Values
name Name of the casino wikitext (can contain links)
logo Image of the shopping centre filename
logo_size Width of image as a numerical value (omit "px" suffix)
logo_alt Alternative text for the logo text
logo_caption Caption for image (usually blank) wikitext (can contain links)
image Image of the casino filename
image_size Width of image as a numerical value (omit "px" suffix)
image_alt Alternative text for the image text
image_caption Caption for image wikitext (can contain links)
pushpin_map Name of a {{Location map}} see note below
pushpin_mapsize Width of Location map as a numerical value (omit "px" suffix)
pushpin_map_alt Alternative text for Location map text
pushpin_map_caption Caption for Location map wikitext (can contain links)
pushpin_label_position Location of the pushpin label none, left, right, top, bottom
coordinates Geographic coordinates of location see note below
location Location of the casino wikitext (can contain links)
e.g. [[Joondalup, Western Australia]], [[Australia]]
address Address of the casino wikitext (can contain links)
date_opened Date of opening e.g. 25 January 2007
date_closed Date casino closed e.g. 25 January 2007
theme Current theme of casino wikitext (can contain links)
rooms Number of rooms expressed as a numerical value
space_gaming Total gaming space of the casino, expressed as a numerical value (for best practice, use {{convert}})
shows Names of notable shows at the casino
attractions Names of notable attractions at the casino
notable_restaurants Names of notable restaurants at the casino
casino_type "Land-based" or "Water-based" (for casino boat)
owner Name/s of current owner/s wikitext (can contain links)
license_holder Name of license holder if not the owner of the property wikitext (can contain links)
architect Name/s of current architect/s wikitext (can contain links)
names_pre Previous names of the casino e.g. Harrahs, Adelaide Casino
renovations Years of key renovations undertaken on the casino
website Casino's website URL e.g. [http://www.url.com.au url.com.au]
footnotes Footnotes and citations for information within infobox wikitext (can contain links)
embedded Embed another infobox with such capability like {{designation list}} and {{infobox NRHP}}

Coordinates[संपादन करीं]

For coordinates, use |coordinates= with the {{Coord}} template to display linked coordinates. Unless another value for type: is specified, type:landmark is automatically added.

Pushpin map[संपादन करीं]

To add a {{Location map}}, specify which map to use with the pushpin_map = parameter.

To add a label next to the pushpin, use pushpin_label_position =, with a value of top, bottom, left, or right. The default value is none.

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