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  • Haimavata is classified by some under Mahasamghika, while others place it under the Sarvastivadins (Nalinaksha Dutt (1998), Buddhist Scts of India, p.53, note 1).
  • Theravada is often classified under Vibhajyavāda. Yet, Nalinaksha Dutt (1998), Buddhist Scts of India, p.51 writes "The last, the fifth group but the earliest in origin, was the Theravada."
  • Kāśyapīya and Mahīśāsaka are listed under Vibhajyavāda per Buswell and Lopez 2013, The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, p.859. They explain that Kāśyapīya and Mahīśāsaka are off-shoots from the Sarvastivadin, but may be grouped as "non-Sarvastivada," hence Vibhajyavāda.

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The color scheme of this page was inspired by the colors of the Bodhi Tree beneath which the Buddha achieved Enlightenment and chose to teach, thus giving rise to Early Buddhism.

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