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To propose deleting a category. The template displays the proper links and the recommended {{Cfd2}} syntax for the next step.

Please follow overall instructions.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

If a single category:

If a group of similar categories or a category and its subcategories, use an umbrella nomination:

SectionName is the joint discussion section. It may be a category name, or any other unique name that reflects the nominations.
Note that where the SectionName includes the category prefix, it must specified:
  • {{subst:cfd|Category:Bishops}} — with category prefix
  • {{subst:cfd|Bishops and archbishops categories}} — without category
  • Please include "Cfd" in the edit summary, and don't mark the edit as minor.
  • Preview before saving. The display will give more precise instructions about the next step.