श्रेणी:Former country articles requiring maintenance

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This category contains articles that need maintenance.

Articles are automatically placed here when conditions to place the article in an appropriate category are not fulfilled. Articles are also placed here when they use certain infobox variables that are either undergoing maintenance or phase-out.

If you have any suggestions for new categories, submit them here, giving reason why your proposed category is large enough to justify creation.

See the project page for infobox details.

Category meanings[संपादन करीं]

  • C: bad or no value given for continent
  • D: no value given for year_start and/or year_end
  • E: using obsolete variables year_pre,year_event1, etc.
  • F: using obsolete variables pn1,sn1
  • G: unsupported value given for government_type
  • N: no value given for common_name
  • S: unsupported value given for status
  • Y: the established or disestablished category does not exist

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