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  • This table lists all categories that the infobox currently supports. After making any changes to the infobox, please add any changes here.
  • Only articles are added to content categories by the template, though the maintenance category Former country articles requiring maintenance may contain pages in other namespaces as well.
    • This category is a tracking category used to monitor usage of |status_text= with |status=Colony or |status=Exile.
  • The placement of the entry within the generated categories is determined by the value given for common_name
  • Suggestions for new categories? Submit them here, giving reason why your proposed category is large enough to justify creation.
Infobox parameter Value Assigned category
continent Europe Category:Former countries in Europe
Asia Category:Former countries in Asia
North America Category:Former countries in North America
South America Category:Former countries in South America
Africa Category:Former countries in Africa
Oceania Category:Former countries in Oceania
Eurasia Category:Former countries in Europe & Asia
Afroeurasia Category:Former countries in Europe, Asia & Africa
Afroasia Category:Former countries in Africa & Asia
(other) Category:Former country articles requiring maintenance
region Italy Category:Former countries on the Italian Peninsula
Balkans Category:Former countries in the Balkans
British Isles Category:Former countries in the British Isles
Low Countries / Netherlands Category:Former polities in the Netherlands
China Category:Former countries in Chinese history
Japan Category:Former countries in Japanese history
Korea Category:Former countries in Korean history
status City-states Category:City-states
Commonwealth realm Category:Former Commonwealth realms
Confederation Category:Former confederations
Empire Category:Former empires
Nomadic empire Category:Nomadic empires
Ancient Chinese state Category:Ancient Chinese states
Federation Category:Former federations
State union Category:Former state unions
Unrecognized states Category:Former unrecognized countries
League of Nations mandate Category:League of Nations mandates
Satellite state Category:Soviet satellite states
United Nations Trust Territory Category:United Nations Trust Territories
Exile Category:Governments in exile
{status = Colony} + empire = ...
United Kingdom
Category:Former British colonies
Category:Former French colonies
Category:Former Dutch colonies
Category:Former Belgian colonies
Category:Former Portuguese colonies
Category:Former Spanish colonies
Category:Former German colonies
Category:Former Italian colonies
Category:Former Swedish colonies
Category:Former Norwegian colonies
Category:Former Danish colonies
Category:Former Scottish colonies
Category:Former Japanese colonies
Category:Former colonies
Category:Former country articles requiring maintenance
{status = Protectorate} + empire = ...
United Kingdom
Category:Former protectorates
Category:Former British protectorates
{status = Vassal} + empire = ...
Holy Roman Empire
Category:Former vassal states
Category:States of the Holy Roman Empire
(other) Category:Former country articles requiring maintenance
{status = Client} + empire = ...
First French Empire
Category:Former client states
Category:Client states of the Napoleonic Wars
government_type Republic Category:Former republics
Socialist republic Category:Former socialist republics
Principality Category:Former principalities
{government_type = Constitutional monarchy or Monarchy} + continent = ...
North America
South America
Category:Former monarchies
Category:Former monarchies of Europe
Category:Former monarchies of Asia
Category:Former monarchies of North America
Category:Former monarchies of South America
Category:Former monarchies of Africa
Category:Former monarchies of Europe & Asia
Category:Former monarchies of Europe, Asia & Africa
Category:Former monarchies of Africa & Asia
(other) Category:Former country articles requiring maintenance
era Interwar period Category:Former polities of the Interwar period
Cold War Category:Former polities of the Cold War