लाइन ऑफ एक्चुअल कंट्रोल

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The western portion of the Line of Actual Control, which lies between Chinese-controlled and Indian-controlled territory in the Himalayan region. The line was the focus of a brief war in 1962, when Indian and Chinese forces struggled to control land where, "not even a blade of grass grows," as Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru put it.
The map shows the Indian and Chinese claims of the border in the western (Aksai Chin) region, the Macartney–MacDonald line, the Foreign Office Line, as well as the progress of Chinese forces as they occupied areas during the Sino-Indian War.

लाइन ऑफ एक्चुअल कंट्रोल जेकरा के एलएसी (LAC) के नाँव से भी जानल जाला, पुराना जम्मू काश्मीर राज के क्षेत्र में भारत के कंट्रोल वाला इलाका आ चीन के कंट्रोल वाला इलाका के अलगा करे वाली लाइन हवे।[1]