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This template is not for use in the main namespace, as it is an unnecessary self-reference.

Changing the appearance

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Modify the default "page" to "section" (for example), with: |section:

If the discussion concerns a proposed change to the status of a policy or guideline page (from policy to guideline, guideline to essay, etc.), then you may use |status:

Add a shortcut link or links with additional unnamed parameters: ||WP:SC|WP:SHORT|...:

Specifying a discussion location

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To link to a specific talk page discussion, use |talk=Section heading, replacing "Section heading" with the heading of the section of the talk page where the discussion is taking place.

Alternatively, if the discussion is taking place elsewhere than on the talk page of the current page, use |talkpage=Full page title, where "Full page title" includes the namespace prefix (such as "Wikipedia talk:"), and may include a section heading after a # character. It is also possible to use both the talkpage and talk parameter: |talkpage=Name of talk page|talk=section heading

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