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टेम्पलेट:Under construction

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Usage[संपादन करीं]

This template is for articles actively undergoing construction. If the article instead is actively undergoing a major edit, please use {{In use}}.

In general, this template should not be used for new articles with little content. Instead, the sandbox should be used to develop the article so that it has reasonable content when it is copied into namespace.

Articles tagged with this template are automatically added to the category Category:Pages actively undergoing construction. Add the parameter |placedby= (followed by your login name) to make it easy for people to contact the person who placed the template.

If used on a non-article page (such as a user page) which is not yet ready for use, type {{Under construction|notready=true}}. That will produce the following:

A comment may be added to the box using the |comment= switch.

As this template is used in multiple namespaces it uses {{mbox}}, which will automatically detect individual namespace usage and adapt appropriate styling accordingly.

Blank template[संपादन करीं]

{{under construction |placedby= |section= |nosection= |nocat= |notready= |comment= |category= |altimage= }}

पैरामीटर[संपादन करीं]

  • altimage - provide an alternate image for the template. Should be a complete file tag, e.g. [[File:Under_construction_icon-orange.svg|64px]]
  • category - a custom category (must be prefixed with the "Category:" namespace identifier and enclosed in double square brackets) into which the page will be placed. If omitted, the page is placed by default in Category:Pages actively undergoing construction. However the age will not be placed into a category if the page is in the "User:" or "User talk:" namespaces.
  • comment - free-form text. If present, the text "Contributor note:" is shown followed by the content of |comment=.
  • nocat - set to true (e.g. nocat=true) to prevent the page from being placed into default Category:Pages actively undergoing construction or into custom category. Set to anything but true or don't set it at all, and it will be included.
  • notready - value is immaterial, but if present, and not blank, adds the text ", and is not yet ready for use" following the word "restructuring".
  • nosection - value is immaterial, but if present, and not blank (e.g. nosection=yes), removes the phrase "or section", i.e. makes the message apply to the entire page
  • placedby - user name of the person placing the template.
  • section - value is immaterial, but if present, and not blank (e.g. section=yes), removes the phrase "article or", i.e. makes the message apply only to a section.

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