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{{In creation}} is used on pages that have been created and are being added to by a series of incremental improvements. Its intended use is for editors who have made an article and will be adding content within a matter minutes or hours. If readers see this on an article it shows that the creation was premature. Editors should consider using a sandbox instead.

Articles which have already been created by other editors, already existing in article space, can use the {{In creation}} template unless they determine the {{under construction}} template to be more appropriate.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

The basic syntax for using this template is:

{{In creation|time=~~~~~}}

This renders a notice similar to the following example:
The following optional parameters may be use, as shown:
{{In creation|time=~~~~~
 | page     = [page]
 | new      = [Wikipedia article]
 | tp       = [talk page]
 | article  = [article]
 | creator  = [the creator]
 | eta      = [a short time]
 | duration = [several hours]
 | agf      = ABF
 | xfd      = MFD
Compare the following example:

Please remember to remove the template-code as soon as you're finished editing !!!

Results summary[संपादन करीं]

A template message will be placed at the top of the article. This template is a courtesy template, intended to inform people that another editor is actively creating the article. It is intended to note to other editors that reviewing or deleting the article would be premature.

Do not leave this template in an article unless you are actively editing it. Half an hour to an hour between edits is a suggested limit. Other editors, especially those on new page patrol, may be inconvenienced if it is left on, and it may inadvertently discourage others from contributing to the article. Specifying periods of hours or longer for this template goes against the spirit of simply avoiding edit conflicts and procedural problems, and the template may be removed if this is the case, or if the article is otherwise of concern.

This template is not an excuse for constructing articles about non-notable subjects. If an article appears to be spam, blatant advertising, a copyright violation, or a biography of a living person, or any other fundamental policy, it may be blanked or deleted despite the presence of the tag. The tag is a courtesy to other editors, not an excuse for bad editing.

If you wish to create a new article over a longer period of time consider using the {{Under construction}} template. That template encourages others to edit the article while still indicating that it is a work in progress.

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