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टेम्पलेट:Translated page

विकिपीडिया से

This template may be used to give information about content imported into the English Wikipedia from a non-English-language Wikipedia. (See here for rationale.)

Usage[संपादन करीं]

On the talk page of an article (or other page) incorporating a translation, insert the following:
{{translated page|SourceLanguageCode|SourcePageTitle|version=123456789|insertversion=987654321|section=name}}

Parameter Required? Usage
1 (first parameter) Yes The language code of the source page, for example de for German, fr for French, or another from meta:List of Wikipedias.
2 (second parameter) Yes The exact name of the source page. (This will become a link, so non-English characters must be retained. Do not transliterate the title.)
3 (third parameter) No Additional pertinent information, in sentence form. This will be inserted at the end of the standard text.
version Recommended The version identifier of the revision of the source page from which the translation was derived. (To find this, select the history of the source page, and click on the date that corresponds to that revision. The resulting page will have a URL that ends with a number, e.g. ...oldid=123456789. That number is the version identifier.)
insertversion Recommended The version identifier of the revision of the target page into which the translation was placed. (Follow the same procedure as for version, but with the target page.)
section Optional If the inserted translation is contained in one section of the target page, insert its name here. (A direct link to that section will be created.)
small No This template defaults to a small message box (equivalent to small=yes). If you have good reason to use a full-sized talk page banner instead, small=no will generate one.[Note 1]
nocat No Set this parameter to nocat=true only when transcluding the template as an example.[Note 2] (For example, it is used on this documentation page to prevent this page from being categorized as a translation.) Further information is available at Wikipedia:Category suppression.

In the preceding table, the first and second (unnamed) parameters are required in order to comply with Wikimedia projects' licensing terms (e.g. CC-BY-SA). The version and insertversion parameters are (strongly) recommended, because they allow readers to identify the exact source and target revisions, without searching through the revision histories.

This template can be used more than once, if several translations were inserted (from several revisions of one article, several articles and/or several Wikipedias). Group the {{translated page}} templates in chronological order, with the newest (i.e. largest insertversion, when used) on top. Arrange the {{translated page}} boxes with other low-priority items, just before the first topic on the talk page. Even if a section of the talk page talks about the translation, avoid placing {{translated page}} there, because the template should not be moved when the section is archived.

Note that this template is a self reference, and therefore should be placed on talk pages and not used directly in articles.

Wikipedia:Template namespace has a general introduction to the use of templates.

Unless nocat=true is set, pages will be automatically categorised into Category:Translated pages, or the appropriate sub-category. Mainspace pages where this template has been accidentally placed (instead of on the associated talk page) are categorised into Category:Pages with incorrect translated page tag.

Right-to-left character sets

When translating from a language with a right-to-left character set, it may be necessary to place the page name last. Use 2= and, if desired, 3= to re-order parameters.

उदाहरण[संपादन करीं]

The following code would produce the message boxes at right, from top to bottom:

  • {{translated page|fr|Dassault Super-Étendard| version=45069858|insertversion=319465919|section=Accidents and incidents}}
  • {{translated page|de|ICE 1| version=45565777|insertversion=210289191}}
  • {{translated page|he|3=It is an example translation from Hebrew.|2=אלי_קנר}}

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]

Notes[संपादन करीं]

  1. Note that large=yes and large=no also work, but are not recommended for new instances of the template.
  2. This template formerly used the parameters category or cat to perform these functions. This behaviour is no longer supported.