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टेम्पलेट:Tracking category

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This template is used to identify tracking categories, used to create lists of templates or pages using specific syntax or features by placing a notice on the category page and listing the category in an appropriate container category.

Paste the basic syntax, {{Tracking category}}, on category pages that you are designating as a tracking category.

It will produce the message box shown below:

The template places the category into Category:Tracking categories and causes the categorization to be hidden on its member pages.

Parameter text=

Using |text= allows adding extra text to the template. The text will be shown in the visible (unfolded) part of the template.

Parameter container=yes

An additional parameter, "| container =" allows further designation of the category, as a container category.

The syntax, {{Tracking category|container=yes}} produces:

When the parameter is used, the category is added to Category:Container categories as well as Category:Tracking categories. This option {{Tracking category}} is only for use in the category namespace, ns=14. Displaying the template on any page in another namespace will cause the following error message to appear:

This message also adds the page to pages with templates in the wrong namespace for cleanup.

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