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टेम्पलेट:प्रयोगकर्ता श्रेणी

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This category contains the user pages of Wikipedia editors.

To add your user page to this category, copy and paste the following code (do not change BASEPAGENAME):

[[Category:प्रयोगकर्ता श्रेणी|{{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}]]

{{user category|description|userbox|userbox2|userbox3|userbox 4|userbox 5|userbox 6}}

description (required)
Begins with a verb after the automatic introduction of "This category contains the user pages of Wikipedia editors..."
userbox, userbox2, userbox3, userbox4, userbox5, userbox6 (optional)
The location of the userbox. Type it how you would transclude it, i.e. do not include the Template: prefix if it's in the template namespace, but do include the User: prefix if it's in userspace.

{{user category|are fans of the [[National Hot Rod Association]]|User:Miller17CU94/Userboxes/User NHRA}}

in Category:Wikipedians who like the National Hot Rod Association

इहो देखल जाय

[संपादन करीं]
  • {{educat}} for categories of Wikipedians by alma mater
  • The unintuitively-named usercat templates for categories of Wikipedians by location

Other category header templates

[संपादन करीं]