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This template tag will categorise tagged articles into Category:Articles that may contain original research but not this template itself. This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

The intention of this tag is to nudge fellow editors who may inadvertently (or otherwise) introduce text that appears based upon original research, into supporting such text through demonstrating its previously researched origins. This tag provides a good faith means for editors to allow given text of fellow editors to remain temporarily in a given article until such time as the text's previously researched origins are supported. In the event that researched origins for the text are not produced after a relatively small passage of time (i.e., no more than a few days), the tagging editor would generally be right in assuming that it could be edited or otherwise removed from the article to comply with Wikipedia:No original research. When a given editor adds this template he or she must concurrently add corresponding text to the tagged article's talk page to explain their concerns relative to original research for the given tagged text unless talk already exists relative to such concerns. If a given article has been tagged and the tagging editor doesn't ensure that corresponding article talk relative to the tag isn't either already available or added within a short amount of time (i.e., no more than 24 hours) then fellow editors are within their rights to remove the tag or alternatively, add talk in support of its use.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

{{Original research inline|date=जून 2024}}

This template's usage is simple, after a passage of text in a given article that appears to be original research one simply tacks on {{Original research inline}} to specify that particular passage as likely being of questionable origin. Do not forget to ensure that there is corresponding article talk to explain one's usage of this tag.
For example in the original article the following text may appear:
  • Based upon the theories of some ancient religious scholars the world is indeed flat.
To mark this particular passage merely edit in {{Original research inline}} at the end of "flat." so that it will appear in this way:
  • Based upon the theories of some ancient religious scholars the world is indeed flat.[original research?]

Do not use this tag to label text which appears false or doubtful, especially in the case of biographies of living people (see this section of WP:3RR as well). In the case of text that appears false or doubtful and is not part of a biography of a living person then move such text to the discussion page and ask for citations of previous research there, otherwise remove it.

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