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This template is used to mark sentences or phrases that contradict other material in the same page by default, or a different page if one is specified.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Append this template immediately after the contradictory material, and use one or more of the parameters below to specify the nature of the contradiction.

Parameters[संपादन करीं]

No links or other wikimarkup, and no double quotes, in these parameter values, except as noted below. This content appears in the mouse-over tooltip, when hovering over the template's "Contradictory" output. This feature cannot support links, italics, or other markup, and chokes on double quotes (use single, or the character entity code " to generate a double quote character.

Unnamed parameter (may be named explicitly as |1= or |article=)
Title of mainspace article with which the material is in conflict, e.g. |article=Dove, and may contain a # anchor to a section, e.g. |article=Dove#Domestication, though it will be more legible to specify the section with the |section= parameter below: |article=Dove|section=Domestication.
Title of a non-article (and optionally a section within it, or use |section=) with conflicting material, e.g. the article's talk page: |page=Talk:Pigeon#New sources on genetics or |page=Talk:Pigeon|section=New sources on genetics. When the template is used in a non-article (e.g. a Wikipedia guideline page), this parameter and the above one are equivalent.
Name of a section (or other HTML anchor) in the present page or other page, to be more specific about whether the material is with which the tagged content conflicts; do not use the # symbol. When used alone, it indicates a section on the current page, e.g. |section=Modern genetic research. When used with either of the above two parameters, indicates a section on the other page, e.g. |Dove|section=Domestication.
Used to replace the entire output of the mouse-over tooltip,[चर्चा में ] to provide an alternative explanation about the nature of the conflicting information. Use the talk page for detailed information, as the tooltip cannot supply a large amount of content (depending on browser, there are limits to both the amount of content that can be included, and the length of time it will display; it needs to be readable in a few seconds).
|date=जून 2024
To date the addition of the tag. If you leave this parameter off, a bot will add it later.

Categorisation[संपादन करीं]

This template may categorise tagged articles, depending on parameters.

  1. If it is used in an article, and no conflicting article is specified, the article will be categorised into Category:All self-contradictory articles.
  2. If it is used in an article and a conflicting article is specified, the article in which the template appears will be categorised into Category:Articles contradicting other articles.

उदाहरण[संपादन करीं]

In the following examples, the word "page" will actually be "article" if the template is used inside an actual article, and parameter 1 (a.k.a. article) is used.

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]