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टेम्पलेट:Infobox supercluster

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Observation data (Epoch {{{epoch}}})
Right ascension{{{ra}}}
Brightest member{{{brightest_member}}}
Number of clusters{{{member_no}}}
Major axis{{{major_axis_mpc}}}
Minor axis{{{minor_axis_mpc}}}
Binding mass{{{mass}}} M
Luminosity (specify){{{luminosity}}}
Flux (specify){{{flux}}}
Other designations
See also: Galaxy groups, Galaxy clusters, List of superclusters

Infobox for articles on superclusters of galaxies. Intended for the creation of new supercluster pages and for updating older pages with outdated infoboxes.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

{{Infobox supercluster
| name = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| credit = 
| epoch = 
| constellation = 
| ra = {{RA|00|00}} or {{Deg2HMS|000.000|sup=yes}}
| dec = {{DEC|±00|00}}
| brightest_member = 
| member_no = 
| major_axis_mpc = {{convert|000|Mpc|Mly|0|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0.00}}
| minor_axis_mpc = {{convert|000|Mpc|Mly|0|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0.00}}
| redshift = 
| distance = {{convert|000|Mpc|Mly|0|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0.00}}
| mass = 0{{e|14}} {{hub|0.00}} <!-- In solar masses -->
| luminosity = ({{solar luminosity|link=y}}, if applicable)
| flux = 
| other_names = 

Parameters[संपादन करीं]

name[संपादन करीं]

<Name of the object> Supercluster, i.e. Shapley Supercluster

image[संपादन करीं]

Associated image of the object: [[Image:name.png|400px]]

caption[संपादन करीं]

Text underneath the image.

credit[संपादन करीं]

To whom do we owe this great pleasure?

epoch[संपादन करीं]

Equatorial coordinates based on which epoch? If other than J2000, please find or convert to J2000.

constellation[संपादन करीं]

Wikilink(s) to constellation(s).

ra[संपादन करीं]

{{RA|00|00}} or {{Deg2HMS|000.000|sup=yes}}

dec[संपादन करीं]


brightest_member[संपादन करीं]

The brightest cluster.

member_no[संपादन करीं]

The number of galaxy clusters belonging to the supercluster.

major_axis_mpc[संपादन करीं]

The major axis of the supercluster in h−1
, h−1
, h−1
, etc., megaparsecs. See distance section.

minor_axis_mpc[संपादन करीं]

The minor axis of the supercluster in h−1
, h−1
, h−1
, etc., megaparsecs. See distance section.

redshift[संपादन करीं]

  • z, if ≳ 0.1 : 0.8
  • z (km/s), if ≲ 0.1 : 0.0717 (21 500 km/s)

distance[संपादन करीं]

NED's default value for the dimensionless Hubble parameter is 0.73 using the WMAP 3-year results, but one is able to change this to match the WMAP 5-year results with h=0.705.

mass[संपादन करीं]

  • 1.4{{e|14}} {{hub|0.70}} gives 1.4×1014 h−1

luminosity[संपादन करीं]

Make sure to specify the passband:

  • X-ray luminosity is usually given in erg s−1 for some keV range.
    • 1.4{{e|14}} [[erg]] s<sup>−1</sup> (0.1–2.4 [[electron volt|keV]]) gives 1.4×1014 erg s−1 (0.1–2.4 keV)
  • Visible or bolometric luminosity is usually given in L.

flux[संपादन करीं]

If available, use alternatively to luminosity. Make sure to specify the passband.

  • X-ray flux, usually given in erg s−1 cm−2 for some keV range.
    • (1.4 ± 0.2){{e|-11}} [[erg]] s<sup>−1</sup> cm<sup>−2</sup> (0.1–2.4 [[electron volt|keV]]) gives (1.4 ± 0.2)×10-11 erg s−1 cm−2 (0.1–2.4 keV)

other_names[संपादन करीं]

Please don't list all the cross-identifications in NED for each object.

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