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टेम्पलेट:Infobox glacier

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This template can be used to create an infobox for an article about a glacier. It is part of the Glaciers WikiProject.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Map showing the location of {{{name}}}
Map showing the location of {{{name}}}
निर्देशांक0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0{{{coords_ref}}}
सभसे ऊँच जगह{{{elevation_max}}}
सभसे निचाई के जगह{{{elevation_min}}}
अंतिम माथ{{{terminus}}}

The markup below can be pasted into a new article. See below for working examples.

{{Infobox glacier 
| child         = 
| name          = 
| other_name    = 
| photo         = 
| photo_width   = 
| photo_alt     = 
| photo_caption = 
| map           = <!-- or | map_image = -->
| map_width     = 
| map_alt       = 
| map_caption   = 
| type          = 
| location      = 
| coordinates   = 
| coords_ref    = 
| area          = 
| length        = 
| width         =
| thickness     = 
| elevation_max =
| elevation_min = 
| terminus      = 
| status        = 
| embedded      = 

Parameter descriptions[संपादन करीं]

This table describes all parameters which can be used in building infoboxes. Only the name parameter must be assigned a value.

Parameter Description
name Required. The name of the glacier area. It will be displayed at the top of the infobox. In most cases this should be the same as the article name less any disambiguation. For example, if the article title is Columbia Glacier (Washington) then name=Columbia Glacier.
other_name If there is a common English name for the glacier use it for the name parameter. This parameter can be used to display the name in the local language or for an alternate English name if it is commonly used. If you would like to italicize the text use wiki markup.
The name of an image file to be displayed. No special formatting is needed.
photo_width Can be used to change the display width of the image. The default and maximum value is 272px. Images with a horizontal orientation (landscape mode) will generally display well at the default setting. An image with vertical orientation (portrait mode) may need to be adjusted to 180px or 220px. For example, photo_width=200 and not photo_width=200px.
Alt text for the photo, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
photo_caption The caption that will appear below the image if one is required.
map The name of the location map to be displayed. See Map display methods. To use a static image, use |map_image=
map_image The file name of a static map image to be displayed. To use a location map, use |map=.
Can change the display width of the map. The default is 240px and the maximum width is 272px For example, map_width=200 and not map_width=200px.
map_alt Alt text for the map. See WP:ALT.
map_caption The caption that appears below the map if one is required.
map_relief When map_relief=0, turns off relief maps. This is functional only when a location map template is used to display a map. See below.
label A text message that will be displayed next to the marker.
label_position Specifies the position of a label with respect to the marker. If a label_position is specified and label is not defined then the value assigned name will be displayed.
mark The image to use for the marker. The default is File:Red pog.svg. See Template:Location map for more information.
mark_width The display width of the marker image in pixels. The default is 8.
type The type of glacier. For example: Alpine, valley, or continental. See Glacier#Types of glaciers.
location The location of the glacier. Don't be too precise. Mountain, county, state and country are good in the USA. If the glacier is in multiple counties, just list the state and country. For areas in other countries, adjust accordingly.
For the {{Coord}} template. Will generate a location marker if a map is used. See the Coord template documentation for information on adding type, source, format, region, and display data. Using display:inline,title is recommended.
Strongly recommended. Specify a citation for the coordinates using <ref>...</ref> tags.
area Area of the glacier. Usually in acres for US locations and hectares elsewhere. The {{Convert}} template should be used. Very small glaciers might be specified in square yards or square metres.
length The length of the glacier.
width The width of the glacier.
thickness The thickness of the glacier.
terminus The terminus of the glacier.
status The status of the glacier. For example, is the glacier receding.

Wikilinks may be appropriate for some of the infobox fields.

Map display methods[संपादन करीं]

Display a marker on a map using a template and geographic coordinates[संपादन करीं]

A marker can be superimposed on a map using one of a set of special map templates. To display a marker, the geographic coordinates must be specified using the {{Coord}} template inside the |coordinates= parameter. See the documentation for {{Location map}}. The parameters for this template map to a subset of the parameters used by {{Location map}}. A map template can be found using these sources:

List of templates – Many of the listed items are redirects and a few templates may not function as expected.
Category:Location map templates - templates sorted by category.
Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Location map/Info – a search that might help.
Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Location map/data/ – another search that might help.
Special:Prefixindex/Template:Location map – another search that might help.

All of the names begin with the words "Location map" followed by the area covered. The value you need to specify is the area name. The map template for Canada is Location map/data/Canada. In this case specify |map=Canada.

Four Corners, Canada
Map showing the location of Four Corners, Canada
Map showing the location of Four Corners, Canada
Example using geographic coordinates
निर्देशांक60°N 102°W / 60°N 102°W / 60; -102
{{Infobox glacier
| name = Four Corners, Canada
| map = Canada
| map_caption = Example using geographic coordinates
| coordinates = {{coord|60|N|102|W|display=inline <!-- for documentation page only - not general practice --> }}

By default, {{Coord}} displays in the infobox only in the page title. Parameter |display=inline,title can be added to make the coordinates display at the top of the page as well.

Using the {{Coord}} template for coordinates[संपादन करीं]

Gannett Glacier
Gannett Glacier on the north slope of Gannett Peak
प्रकारMountain glacier
लोकेशनFremont County, Wyoming, USA
निर्देशांक43°11′48″N 109°39′02″W / 43.19667°N 109.65056°W / 43.19667; -109.65056
रकबा3.63 किमी2 (897 एकड़) (in 1999)
अंतिम माथMoraine
{{Infobox glacier
| name = Gannett Glacier 
| photo = Gannet Peak with Gannett Glacier.jpg
| photo_caption = Gannett Glacier on the north slope of [[Gannett Peak]]
| type = Mountain glacier
| location = [[Fremont County, Wyoming]], USA
| coords = {{coord|43|11|48|N|109|39|02|W|region:US-WY_type:glacier}}
| area = {{convert|3.63|km2|acre|0|abbr=on}} (in 1999)
| length = 
| thickness = 
| terminus = Moraine
| status = Retreating

With a map[संपादन करीं]

Gígjökull, Eyjafjallajökull's largest outlet glacier covered in volcanic ash
Map showing the location of Eyjafjallajökull
Map showing the location of Eyjafjallajökull
Location in Iceland
निर्देशांक63°38′N 19°36′W / 63.633°N 19.600°W / 63.633; -19.600
रकबा100 किमी2 (40 वर्ग मील)
इस्थितिMost recently (as of May 2010)
{{Infobox glacier
| name = Eyjafjallajökull
| photo = Eyjafjallajokull Gigjokull in ash.jpg
| photo_caption = Gígjökull, Eyjafjallajökull's largest [[Glacier morphology#Outlet glaciers|outlet glacier]] covered in volcanic ash
| type = 
| location = [[Iceland]]
| coords = {{coord|63|38|N|19|36|W|display=inline|region:IS}}
| area = {{convert|100|km2|sqmi|-1|abbr=on}}
| map = Iceland 
| map_caption = Location in Iceland
| length = 
| thickness = 
| terminus = 
| status = Most recently (as of May 2010)

Note that glaciers lying south of the equator and east of the Prime Meridian to the International Date Line will use "S" and "E" in their coordinates.

Microformat[संपादन करीं]

The articles created using this template include an hCard microformat. For more information read this.

Tracking category[संपादन करीं]