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This template is part of a series that resolves the ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 codes to language names.

It could be used by the template {{Lang}} with language code cy to include articles in Category:लेख जिनहन में Welsh-भाषा के पाठ बाटे, if the category was created (using {{Category articles containing non-English-language text |Welsh |cy}}). For example: {{Lang |cy |some text in Welsh}}, which wraps the text with <span lang="cy">. Also available is {{Lang-cy |some text in Welsh}} which displays as वेल्श: some text in Welsh.

It is used by {{Link language|cy}} to display the language of an external link. This template could add articles to श्रेणी:लेख जिनहन में Welsh-भाषा के बाहरी कड़ी बाटे, if the category was created (using {{Non-Bhojpuri-language external links category |code=cy |name=Welsh}}).

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  • "ISO 639-1 identifier: cy". Library of Congress.