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When to use[संपादन करीं]

  • Use this template to dispute whether a page (or a section on a page) has properly been accorded policy or guideline status.
  • This template is only for ongoing, active disputes that are evidenced in talk page discussion. It is not intended for flagging a project page or section as vaguely controversial, nor for indicating a personal dislike of the document. There is no such thing as an indefinitely disputed policy or guideline. These tags should not be used as a badge of shame. If there is no active discussion, then the tag may be removed by any editor. For more information on the proper use of this tag, see WP:Policies and guidelines.

How to use[संपादन करीं]

  • Place {{Disputed tag}} at the top of the page or section that you intend to discuss.
  • Optionally specify:
    • Either, a talk page section: {{Disputed tag|talk=Discussion}} will link "talk page" to Talk:PageName#Discussion.
    • Or, a full page-link: (usually to a centralized talk-page) {{Disputed tag|talkpage=Talk:MyPage#Discussion}} will link "talk page" to Talk:MyPage#Discussion.
    • A short message about what to do instead -- for editors lacking time to analyze the current discussion: msg=the default recommendation
    • Up to 5 Shortcut-links, as described for Template:Shortcut.
    • If the tag applies strictly to a specific section of a policy or guideline, append the following parameter: section=yes . This will cause the template to appear as:
  • When adding this template, do not remove the policy or guideline tag, first because otherwise users cannot see what the dispute is about, and second because a dispute does not automatically revoke the policy or guideline. See WP:POL for details.

Alternatives[संपादन करीं]

  • Many times, your concerns can be addressed through a normal discussion, without placing this tag on the page.
  • For proposals to change policies or guidelines, use {{Under discussion}} instead (see that template's page for available options). If the proposal concerns a page's status as policy or guideline, use {{Under discussion|status}}.
  • If you disagree with a {{Historical}} tag, do not use this template; instead, advertise the page on e.g. WP:RFC and the village pump to get more people involved, so that it becomes active once more.

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