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टेम्पलेट:Disputed title

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This template identifies a Wikipedia article as having a title which is disputed


To apply this template to an article, first add a new section "Disputed title" to the talk page, describing the problems with the disputed title.


  • alternate title= (optional): Contains a single alternative title, which editors feel may be more appropriate
  • alternate titles= (optional): Use this instead of alternate title if there are multiple titles which are believed to be appropriate.
  • date= (optional): Month and year when template was applied.
  • section= (optional, recommended): section of the talk page which contains discussion on the title dispute. A recommended argument for this is Disputed title
  • page= (optional, replaces section): instead of linking the section of a talk page, allows you to link an entirely different page for the discussion. This can be used when the discussion is occurring on a subpage of the talkpage or a different forum.


{{Disputed title|alternate title=Something else|alternate titles=Something else altogether|section=Disputed title}}

results in:

See Wikipedia:Accuracy dispute.

This template will place the article into Category:Accuracy disputes and Category:Wikipedia title cleanup.

This template is a self-reference.

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