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Usage[संपादन करीं]

  • This cleanup template can be used to tag pages that use HTML markup that can be replaced with wiki markup. This includes bold tags (<b></b>), italics (<i></i>), paragraph (<p></p>), break lines in most cases, tables, etc.
  • Additionally, headers should follow MOS:HEAD instead of <h2></h2>
  • It shouldn't be used for all html tags: e.g., H<sub>2</sub>O. See Help:Wikitext examples for a useful list of common wikitext and non-deprecated HTML tags.
  • If a date parameter is provided such as {{Cleanup-HTML|date=दिसंबर 2023}} then the page is put into a by-month category instead. If the date is left out, a bot will add it later.

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