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{{Clarify timeframe}}

Usage[संपादन करीं]

You may append a date to the template in the following format:

{{Clarify timeframe|date=जून 2024}}
  • Substitution of this template will automatically fill the date parameter.
  • The date parameter consists of the name of the current month and the year only, not full dates. The names of the months are capitalised in English. Any deviation from these two rules will result in an "invalid date parameter" error.

Please read Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Precise language and Wikipedia:Avoid statements that will date quickly. This template should be used when there is uncertainty about the timeframe over which an article assertion is valid. Typically, these might be assertions which do not make that timeframe clear or which characterize it in relation to the timeframe of the addition of the assertion to an article (this timeframe not being clear to a user reading the assertion at some later date). It is probably not necessary to use this template on frequently edited articles such as for current events, as they will be being updated on a regular basis. Do not use this template within section heading (i.e., between the opening and closing == or == of a section heading), as it will break the heading.

Effects[संपादन करीं]

When the template is placed in an article, the phrase timeframe? appears in the text of the article at the indicated spot. The page will also appear in Category:Wikipedia articles in need of updating.

See Category:Wikipedia articles in need of updating for a list of pages currently needing updates

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