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Metropolitan municipality
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi
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Clockwise from top: View of Golden Horn between Galata and Seraglio Point including the historic areas; Maiden's Tower; a nostalgic tram on İstiklal Avenue; Levent business district with Dolmabahçe Palace; Ortaköy Mosque in front of the Bosphorus Bridge; and Hagia Sophia.
Country Turkey
Region Marmara
Province Istanbul
Settled by Thracians in the late 6th millennium BC
 - Lygos c. 1000 BC
 - Byzantium c. 660 BC
 - Constantinople 330 AD
 - Istanbul 1930 (officially)[नोट 1]
Districts 39
 • Mayor Kadir Topbaş (AKP)
 • जमीनी 5,196 किमी2 (2,006 बर्गमील)
 • पानी के क्षेत्र 147 किमी2 (57 बर्गमील)
 • मेट्रो[नोट 2] 5,343 किमी2 (2,063 बर्गमील)
जनसंख्या (December 31, 2014)[2]
 • Metropolitan municipality 14,377,019
 • रैंक 1st in Turkey
5th in the world
 • जनघनत्व 2,767/किमी2 (7,170/बर्गमील)
निवासी नाँव Istanbulite(s)
(Turkish: İstanbullu(lar))
टाइम जोन EET (यूटीसी+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 34000 to 34850
एरिया कोड 0212 (European side)
0216 (Asian side)
गाड़ी नंबरप्लेट 34
वेबसाइट Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

इस्तांबुल याँ इस्ताम्बुल (अंगरेजी: Istanbul; तुर्की: İstanbul [isˈtanbuɫ]) तुर्की देस के सभसे बड़हन शहर बा। एकर सभसे बड़ा बिसेसता ई बा की ई यूरोपएशिया दुनों महादीपन पर बिस्तार लिहले बाटे। एकर आर्थिक क्रिया वाला अधिकतर क्षेत्र यूरोप वाला हिस्सा में बाटे आ जनसंख्या के ढेर मात्रा एशिया वाला हिस्सा में रहे ले।[3]एकर जनसंख्या 144 लाख बा आ ई यूरोप के सभसे बड़ा शहर हवे आ पूरा दुनिया में ई पांचवा नंबर पर बाटे।[2][4] शहर के कुल क्षेत्रफल 5,343 वर्ग किलोमीटर (2,063 वर्ग मील)[नोट 2] बाटे आ ई बास्पोरस जलडमरू की दुनों ओर स्थित बाटे।


  1. The name of the city was officially changed to its present name of Istanbul in 1930, but the name has been in use since even before the 1453 Ottoman conquest.[1]
  2. 2.0 2.1 Sources have provided conflicting figures on the area of Istanbul. The most authoritative source on this figure ought to be the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (MMI), but the English version of its website suggests a few figures for this area. One page states that "Each MM is sub-divided into District Municipalities ("DM") of which there are 27 in Istanbul" [emphasis added] with a total area of 1,538.9 वर्ग किलोमीटर (594.2 वर्ग मील).[5] However, the Municipal History page appears to be the most explicit and most updated, saying that in 2004, "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's jurisdiction was enlarged to cover all the area within the provincial limits". It also states a 2008 law merged the Eminönü district into the Fatih district (a point that is not reflected in the previous source) and increased the number of districts in Istanbul to 39.[6] That total area, as corroborated on the Turkish version of the MMI website,[7] and a recently updated Jurisdiction page on the English site[8] is 5,343 वर्ग किलोमीटर (2,063 वर्ग मील).


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