श्रेणी:विकिपीडिया गैर-मुक्त फाइल लालकड़ी बैकलिंक के साथ

विकिपीडिया से

These are non-free images that use the {{Non-free use rationale}}, {{Non-free use rationale 2}}, or {{Non-free media rationale}} templates but do not have a valid name for a Wikipedia page entered in the Article parameter. The non-free policy requires all non-free images to link to the article in which they are used as part of the fair use rationale. The red link may have occurred due to any of the following easily-fixable reasons:

  1. The article name is mistakenly bracketed, i.e. [[articlename]]
  2. The article name is misspelled, was entered with improper capitalization, punctuation, or spacing, or otherwise does not match the actual article name
  3. A prose description or information meant for another parameter was mistakenly entered in the field
  4. The article in question may have been deleted

Though intended as a means to catch typographical and other errors that can result in deletion of the images, this category is also helpful in identifying orphaned images which have yet to be tagged for deletion by bots. You may also come across images once used in multiple articles which have been remove from one or more; in this case, it is helpful if you remove the rationale template(s) which apply to these former uses. You may also come across images which appear to have nothing wrong with them; this just means that the cache needs to be updated, and performing a null edit (performing an "edit" but making no changes) will clear the cache and the image should fall out of the category.

"विकिपीडिया गैर-मुक्त फाइल लालकड़ी बैकलिंक के साथ" श्रेणी में मौजूद मीडिया

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