विकिपीडिया से
State of Libya

دولة ليبيا  (अरबी)
Libya के झंडा
राष्ट्रगान: ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا
"Libya, Libya, Libya"
Libya के लोकेशन
Libya के लोकेशन
आ सभसे बड़ शहर
32°52′N 13°11′E / 32.867°N 13.183°E / 32.867; 13.183
ऑफिशियल भाषाअरबी[b]
Spoken languages
लोग कहालाLibyan
सरकारProvisional government
बिधायिकाHouse of Representatives
High Council of State (advisory)
• Independence from Italy
10 February 1947
• Released from British and French oversight[c]
24 December 1951
1 September 1969
19 November 1977
17 February 2011
• कुल
1,759,541 किमी2 (679,363 वर्ग मील) (16th)
• 2016 अनुमान
6,293,253[2] (108th)
• 2018 जनगणना
• Density
3.55/किमी2 (9.2/वर्ग मील) (218th)
जीडीपी (पीपीपी)2018 अनुमान
• कुल
$84.429 billion[3]
• प्रति ब्यक्ति
जीडीपी (नॉमिनल)2018 अनुमान
• कुल
$47.491 billion[3]
• Per capita
एचडीआइ (2015)Red Arrow Down.svg 0.716[4]
high · 102nd
करेंसीLibyan dinar (LYD)
टाइम जोनEET (यूटीसी+2)
कालिंग कोड+218
ISO 3166 कोडLY
इंटरनेट टीएलडी.ly
  1. ^ United Nations note concerning official name: "Following the adoption by the General Assembly of resolution 66/1, the Permanent Mission of Libya to the United Nations formally notified the United Nations of a Declaration by the National Transitional Council of 3 August changing the official name of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to "Libya" and changing Libya's national flag."
  2. ^ Libyan Arabic and other varieties and Amazigh languages in certain western and southern areas. The official language is simply identified as "Arabic" (Constitutional Declaration, article 1).
  3. ^ The UK and France held a joint condominium over Libya through the United Nations Trusteeship Council.

लीबिया अफ़्रीका महादीप में एगो देस बा। एकर राजधानी त्रिपोली हवे।

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