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थॉमस एक्विनस

विकिपीडिया से
Saint Thomas Aquinas, OP
An altarpiece in Ascoli Piceno, Italy,
by Carlo Crivelli (15th century)
Doctor of the Church
Roccasecca, Kingdom of Sicily, Italy
Died7 मार्च 1274
Fossanova, Papal States, Italy
Venerated inCatholic Church
Anglican Communion
Canonized18 July 1323, Avignon, Papal States, by Pope John XXII
Major shrineChurch of the Jacobins; Church of the Jacobins (fuller article in French), Toulouse, France
Feast28 जनवरी (7 मार्च, until 1969)
AttributesThe Summa theologiae, a model church, the sun on the chest of a Dominican friar
PatronageAcademics; against storms; against lightning; apologists; Aquino, Italy; Belcastro, Italy; book sellers; Catholic academies, schools, and universities; chastity; Falena, Italy; learning; pencil makers; philosophers; publishers; scholars; students; University of Sto. Tomas; Sto. Tomas, Batangas; theologians.[1]

थॉमस एक्विनस एगो इटालियन दार्शनिक, कैथोलिक पादरी आ धर्मशास्त्री आ न्यायशास्त्री रहलें।

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