टेम्पलेट:Xeno-canto species

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For linking to pages about individual bird species on Xeno-canto.

Only use for species where there are no or few audio recordings on Wikimedia Commons. Consider uploading files which have a cc-by-sa licence from Xeno-canto to Wikimedia Commons.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

This template has two, mandatory unnamed parameters, which should be genus then specific name. The third, optional, parameter is used for display text, and may be manually italicised if appropriate:

{{Xeno-canto species|Falco|columbarius}}
Audio recordings of Falco columbarius on Xeno-canto.
{{Xeno-canto species|Falco|columbarius|''F. columbarius''}}
Audio recordings of F. columbarius on Xeno-canto. (alternative with abbreviation; note italicisation)
{{Xeno-canto species|Falco|columbarius|Merlin}}
Audio recordings of Merlin on Xeno-canto. (alternative with common name)
{{Xeno-canto species|Falco|columbarius|the Merlin}}
Audio recordings of the Merlin on Xeno-canto. (alternative with definitive article)
{{Xeno-canto species|Falco|columbarius|Merlins}}
Audio recordings of Merlins on Xeno-canto. (alternative with plural)

See also[संपादन करीं]

  • {{Commons cat}} - use instead of this template, when there are suitable recordings on Wikimedia Commons