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Usage[संपादन करीं]

As supported by Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects, this template may be used to add a Wikivoyage link to a Wikipedia article. It generates an interwikimedia link – it is not intended to represent sources for Wikipedia articles.

If usage of the template creates layout issues in an article, {{Wikivoyage-inline}} should be used instead.

The Wikivoyage template can be used with one, two, three or no parameters as follows:

{{Wikivoyage}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page matching the Wikipedia page name.
{{Wikivoyage|Boracay}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page titled "Boracay".
{{Wikivoyage|Boracay|Boracay Island}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page titled "Boracay", but the link is worded "Boracay Island".
{{Wikivoyage|Boracay|Boracay Island|an itinerary}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page titled "Boracay", and the entire sentence reads "Wikivoyage has an itinerary for Boracay Island."

See also: {{Sister project links}}

{{Sister project links|voy={{PAGENAME}}}} will create a similar box, but accommodates multiple siblings. It is not a direct-equivalent replacement for the individual sibling project boxes as the "sister project links" box by default creates various blind links to special:search on the destination wikis which are not search-engine friendly.

TemplateData[संपादन करीं]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for Wikivoyage

Adds an interwiki link to [[Wikivoyage]], for example for use in external links section

Template parameters[Edit template data]


The name of the Wikivoyage page, if not the same as the Wikipedia article

<Wikipedia page name>

The label for the link, if not the same as the Wikivoyage page name

<Wikipedia page name>

Use if 'a travel guide' is not the best description of the Wikivoyage page. The most common alternatives are 'an itinerary', 'a phrasebook', 'a travel topic', and 'an article'.

'a travel guide'