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टेम्पलेट:Wikidata URL

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Converts URLs from Wikidata of the format http:// to http:// so that they can be used to generate external links.

{{Wikidata URL|1=URL}}

{{Wikidata URL|P=Wikidata ID or title of URL property|from=Wikidata ID of source entity}}

  • Parameter |1=, URL, is optional. If included, the specified URL will be converted to http://, and all other parameters will be ignored.
  • Parameter |P=, if specified, is the ID or name of the property that contains the URL. If it is not specified, it defaults to ऑफिशियल वेबसाइट (P856).
  • Parameter |from=, if specified, is the ID of the Wikidata entity to fetch the URL property from. If it is not specified, it defaults to the current page.

{{Wikidata URL|1={{#property:P1630|from=p830}}}}https://eol.org/pages/$1

{{Wikidata URL|P=formatter URL|from=P830}}

Failed to render property formatter URL: formatter URL property not found.

{{Wikidata URL|P=P1630|from=P830}}https://eol.org/pages/$1

{{Wikidata URL|from=Q328}}https://en.wikipedia.org/

{{Wikidata URL}} (when placed on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia) → https://en.wikipedia.org/

{{Wikidata URL|1={{#property:P1630|from=p830}}|P=P856|from=Q328}}https://eol.org/pages/$1 (|P= and |from= are ignored)

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