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See Wikipedia:Article size for more information on this topic.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Add {{Very long|date=अगस्त 2021}} to the top of the article, below any hatnotes.

If a particular section of an article is getting long, even though it has already been split to its own article as per the summary style, then it can be tagged by adding {{Very long|section|date=अगस्त 2021}} to the top of the section, which renders then as:
Small parameter
{{Very long|small=left|date=अगस्त 2021}} generates the following small sized template:
{{Very long section}} and {{Very long|section|small=left|date=अगस्त 2021}} both render:
Readable prose size
The readable prose size in kilobytes, calculated with the help of tools like Prosesize or Shubinator's DYK tool, can be added manually to the template: {{Very long|rps=75}} generates the following template:

This template adds tagged articles to Category:Articles that may be too long, or one of its dated subcategories.

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