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Usage[संपादन करीं]

  • Optional parameter 1: the name of the site on which the user is an admin
  • lang_code parameter: used together with the optional parameter 1
  • RFA parameter: the wikilink (without square brackets) of the user's RFA (for other sites than English Wikipedia, add the language code at the begin)
  • cat parameter: for other sites than English Wikipedia, you can specify a category, which is a subcategory of the Category:Administrators on a Wikimedia Project
  • recall parameter: with "recall=yes", the page is placed in Category: Wikipedia administrators open to recall


{{User wikipedia/Administrator|RFA=:en:Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/FredBloggs}}

{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[:en:Wikimedia Commons|Commons]]|lang_code=commons}}
{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[WP:Meta|]]|lang_code=m}}

{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[:en:Wiktionary|]]|lang_code=Wikt}}
{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[:en:Wikiqoute|]]|lang_code=q}}
{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[:en:Wikibooks|]]|lang_code=b}}

{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[:en:German Wikipedia|]]|lang_code=de}}
{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[:en:Norwegian Wikipedia|]]|lang_code=no}}
{{User wikipedia/Administrator|[[en:Esperanto Wikipedia|Wikipedia in Esperanto]]|lang_code=eo|cat=Administrators on the Esperanto Wikipedia}}

{{User wikipedia/Administrator|recall=yes}}

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