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General notes

This is a modified and significantly expanded version of {{talk archive navigation}} that was designed specifically for the user name space and provides many useful features, which are not available in the original template. You can see this template in action at this user talk archive page.

The companion template {{UserTalkArchiveBox}} was derived from the template {{archive box collapsible}}, which was derived from the template {{archive box}}. {{UserTalkArchiveBox}} uses another modified template {{UserTalkArchiveListLong}}, which was derived from {{archive list long}}. The reasons for the creation of these two additional templates are related to the design of the original templates, which did not match the design of this template, and also the limited ability of only supporting 32 archive pages, instead of 100.


  • Do not subst this template!
  • Supports up to 100 user talk archive pages
  • This template was modified to work in the User Namespace Only!

Installation guide

Here is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that explains how to install this template at your user talk archive pages and your main user talk page:

  1. Create a new User Talk Page with the suffix "/Archive 1". Here is the link to it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Username/Archive_1
  2. It will say that the page does not exist yet. Go and press edit.
  3. Add at the top the following code: {{UserTalkArchive}}
  4. Open your default talk page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Username and press edit.
  5. Select everything you want to archive and cut it out of the page ("Ctrl-X")
  6. Paste the content into the new talk page after the {{UserTalkArchive}} template
  7. Add a link on your standard talk page to the Archive page {{UserTalkArchiveBox|auto=long}} *
    * You can also use {{UserTalkArchiveBox|auto=long}} instead to make the link to the archive pages on your main talk page exclude the word "Archive" within "Archive X" in the anchor text to only show "X" instead.
  8. Save the standard talk page and you are done!


  • The next archive pages would work the same, just call them .../Archive 2 ..../Archive 3 etc.
  • The {{UserTalkArchive}} template is a modified version of the {{talk archive navigation}} template and adds the little box to the archive which you can see here User talk:Cumbrowski/Archive 1. It creates a link to your current talk page automatically (that's why the specific name .../Archive X). It also adds a little navigation to the previous and next archive page. In addition to that (my custom part) does add a reference to your user page and shows your name (that it is your user talk archive). I also changed the font sizes and colors to emphasis the important parts.
  • The {{UserTalkArchiveBox|auto=long}} on your main user talk page creates a little "Archive" box with links to all your archive pages automatically. You don't have to change that one anymore. It automatically detects if new archive pages were created.