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[[Title {{{1}}} of the United States Code|{{{1}}} U.S.C.]] §§ {{{2}}}{{{3}}}

Usage[संपादन करीं]

This template links to an external site, the Cornell University Law School U.S. Code database. External links should not normally be used in the body of an article; see Wikipedia:External links for discussion of acceptable and unacceptable uses.

This template uses Cornell's database. You may also use this to specify a range of sections.

You enter Template returns
{{UnitedStatesCode|x|y}} x U.S.C. § y
{{UnitedStatesCode|x|y|z}} x U.S.C. §§ yz

Please note that all titles have Wikipedia articles and the template will link to the Wikipedia article. The notitle parameter may be used to suppress display of the title altogether.

उदाहरण[संपादन करीं]

You enter Template returns
The [[United States Flag Code|Flag Code]] is found at {{USC|4|1}}. The Flag Code is found at 4 U.S.C. § 1.
Federal subject matter jurisdiction is found at {{USC|28|1331}}. Federal subject matter jurisdiction is found at 28 U.S.C. § 1331.
{{USC|10|371|378}} 10 U.S.C. §§ 371378

List of all United States legal citation templates[संपादन करीं]

These templates are for citing codes and laws. To cite court cases, use {{Cite court}}, or for the U.S. Supreme Court, use {{Scite}} or {{Ussc}}.

Parameters in (parentheses) are optional.

Template(s) Parameter(s) Description
1 2 3 4 pipe
{{UnitedStatesCode}}, {{USC}} Title Section (end of section range)   (pipe) United States Code (USC) via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{UnitedStatesCode2}}, {{USC2}} Title Section Description   USC via Cornell: description of the section
{{UnitedStatesCodeSec}}, {{USCSec}} Title Section   (pipe) USC via Cornell: when citing one of a series of USC sections, where it would be redundant to display the full citation for each section, this template can be used to display only the section number.
{{UnitedStatesCodeSub}}, {{USCSub}} Title Section Up to 6 levels of "sub" Access to subsection/paragraph/subparagraph/clause/... to allow correct hyperlinking to the anchors embedded in the Cornell pages.
{{USCSub2}} Title Section Up to 6 levels of "sub" Combines {{USCSec}} and {{USCSub}}, eliminating redundancy when citing subsections / subparagraphs / &c.
{{UnitedStatesCodeClause}}, {{USCClause}} Title Section Clause   USC via Cornell: allows clauses
{{Usc-title-chap}}, {{usctc}} Title Chapter (Subchapter)   (pipe) USC via Cornell: title/chapter links.
{{USIRC}} Section     Internal Revenue Code {{UnitedStatesCode}}
{{USStat}} Volume Page     Statutes at Large via the Library of Congress, the Government Publishing Office, or Google Books
{{USPL}} Congress Ordinal law   Public Law via GPO FDsys
{{USStatute}} Congress Ordinal law (Volume) (Page)   Combines {{USPL}} and {{USStat}},
optional Year ({{{5}}}), Month ({{{6}}}), Day ({{{7}}}),
optional {{USBill}}: (Bill type ({{{8}}}) and number ({{{9}}}))
{{USBill}} Congress Bill type (S, SJ, HR, HJ) Bill number (1-?)   (pipe) Congressional bills via THOMAS
{{US House Vote}}, {{USHVote}} Year Vote House roll-call vote via Clerk.House.gov
{{US Senate Vote}}, {{USSVote}} Congress Session Vote Senate roll-call vote via Senate.gov
{{USCongRec}} Year Page (date)   Congressional Record via GPO FDsys
{{Federal Register}}, {{USFR}} Volume Page   Federal Register via GPO FDsys
{{CodeFedReg}}, {{USCFR}} Volume Part Section (Clause)   Code of Federal Regulations via GPO FDsys
{{Executive Order}} Number   Executive orders via Wikisource
{{USTreaty}} Congress Treaty number Treaties
{{UnitedStatesSentencingGuidelines}}, {{USSG}} ChapterSection Up to 7 levels of "sub" (year)   Latest U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines (effective Nov. 1, 2012) via the U.S. Sentencing Commission website. Optional |year= references specific Guidelines applicable to a sentence imposed on or after Nov. 1st of that given year.
{{frcrp}} Chapter Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (current) via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{frcp}} Rule Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (current) via federalrulesofcivilprocedure.org
{{frbp}} Rule Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (current) via federalrulesofbankruptcyprocedure.org
{{frap}} Chapter Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (current) via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{fre}} Rule Federal Rules of Evidence (current) via rulesofevidence.org
Template(s) 1 2 3 4 pipe Description