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Creates a wikilinked taxon name for use in a taxobox or other listing of taxa, dealing appropriately with italicization, the extinct indication "†" and the query indication "(?)". It is intended for use only by other templates in the automated taxobox system.

The necessary information is obtained from "Template:Taxonomy/taxon", which must exist.


{{Taxon link|taxon|italic=yes|bold=yes}}

  • taxon is a string (a taxon name or a qualified taxon name) for which there is a taxonomy template "Template:Taxonomy/taxon"
  • |italic=yes forces an italic taxon name; if omitted altogether, the taxon's rank will be used to determine whether it should it italicized
  • |bold=yes produces an emboldened taxon name instead of a wikilink; it may be omitted altogether.
  • {{taxon link|Pterodactylus}}Pterodactylus – an extinct genus
  • {{taxon link|Pterodactylus|bold=yes}}Pterodactylus – emboldened rather than wikilinked
  • {{taxon link|Cambroernida/?}}Cambroernida (?) – a queried extinct clade
  • {{taxon link|Incertae sedis/Arthropoda}}incertae sedis – an unknown class within phylum Arthropoda
  • {{taxon link|Hypoviridae|italic=yes}}Hypoviridae – virus taxa names are italicized