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टेम्पलेट:Suppress categories

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This template strips categories from wikitext. For example, if passed the code "foo[[Category:Some category]]", it will return only "foo". It can be used to strip categories from templates as well; if passed the code "{{my template}}", it will return the template output minus the categories.

The template properly handles categories escaped with the colon trick, categories whose names include invalid characters such as ">", and categories that are surrounded with nowiki tags. However, it does not support complex wikitext such as nested links or magic words like __TOC__. Even so, it should still remove the vast majority of categories from any given wikitext.

{{suppress categories|input text}}
Code Output
{{suppress categories|foo}} foo
{{suppress categories|foo[[Category:Some category]]}} foo
{{suppress categories|foo[[Category:Some category]]bar[[Category:Another category]]}} foobar
{{suppress categories|foo{{{some_parameter|[[Category:Bar]]}}}}} foo
{{suppress categories|foo[[Category:Bad ca[]tegory link]]}} foo[[Category:Bad ca[]tegory link]]
{{suppress categories|foo[[:Category:Colon trick]]}} fooCategory:Colon trick
{{suppress categories|foo[[Category:Piped link|bar]]}} foo
{{suppress categories|foo[[Category:Piped link|ba[]r]]}} foo
{{suppress categories|foo[[non-category link]]}} foonon-category link
{{suppress categories|foo[[ Category : Some category with spaces ]]}} foo
{{suppress categories|{{User alternative account name|Example}}}}
This user has an alternative account named Example.