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एह पन्ना के सगरी उपपन्ना

This template generates a link to all subpages of the page it is placed on, using Special:Prefixindex. It is mainly intended for WikiProjects or users wanting to track their subpages in an easy and convenient way.

This template does not require any parameters; "{{subpages}}" generates "एह पन्ना के सगरी उपपन्ना". The label of the link is an optional parameter; "{{subpages|optional label}}" generates "optional label".

Use |page= to use the template to generate a list for another page: {{subpages|1=All subpages of my talk page|page=User talk:ExampleUser}}

  • {{list subpages}} (list subpages on the page, or list other subpages given a namespace or prefix)