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This template creates a header to be used with succession boxes for orders of precedence. No years are entered in these boxes, so the "years" field may be omitted when this header is used.

The template defaults to

Order of precedence
if no parameter is given. In the following table, the first column contains the header and the second column shows the template call used to create it.
Order of precedence {{s-prec}}

The format is {{s-prec|parameter}}, where parameter is replaced by one of the parameter names shown in the following table. The first column displays the header and the second column contains the parameter name.

Order of precedence in England and Wales ew
Order of precedence in Scotland sc
Orders of precedence in the United Kingdom uk
Order of precedence ph-pres
Order of precedence in Northern Ireland ni
United States order of precedence (ceremonial) usa
United States presidential line of succession us-pres

From the Charles, Prince of Wales article:

{{s-bef | before = [[Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh|The Duke of Edinburgh]]}}
{{s-ttl | title  = [[Orders of precedence in the United Kingdom|Gentlemen]]}}
{{s-aft | after  = [[Prince William, Duke of Cambridge]]}}
Orders of precedence in the United Kingdom
The Duke of Edinburgh
Gentlemen बाद में
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Documentation for creating succession boxes can be found at Template:S-start.