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Usage[संपादन करीं]

This template is for pages that have been newly created and to which content will be added shortly, or wikification or other processes still need to be done.

This template is not meant for articles in User namespace. Use the {{Userspace draft}} template for those.

If the page already exists and a major series of edits is likely to follow in a short space of time, use {{In use}}. If a page is actively being changed but over a longer time period (more than a few hours), use {{Under construction}}.

The New page template message is placed at the top of a page that has been newly created but not meet Wikipedia standards because, for example, it misses links, infoboxes, sources, references, etc. Though it is recognized that sometimes it is better to create an article in the main space, be aware that you can use your userspace to create articles. Also consider creating shorter articles as a stub (see WP:STUB) so they still stand on their own feet as such.

To use, just add {{New page}} at the top of the article you are working on.

When to remove[संपादन करीं]

This template is not intended to be used beyond the Wikipedia session in which one is engaged at the time it is placed. In other words, it is not intended to be used if one is planning to log off for a while and resume at a later hour or day. It is recommended that such articles, if they cannot be made to meet Wikipedia standards within the same session, be created in userspace, then moved to main namespace when ready.

You can help to examine overuse by clicking here to see what pages link to the template. You can then click on each main namespace page (opening in a new window is recommended), view how long has passed since the last edit, and if it appears the creation effort has been abandoned, examine whether or not the page meets inclusion guidelines. If it does meet inclusion guidelines, the template should simply be removed. If it does not, it is recommended to move the page into the creator's userspace (Creator's username/pagename or similar), and to notify the creator that you have done so. If the page's existence is a gross violation of Wikipedia guidelines (e.g. an attack page), it should be marked for speedy deletion.

Please remember to remove the template once the article is fit at least as a stub.