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This template can be used to create an infobox for an article about a mountain pass. Other infoboxes can be embedded in this template, and it can be embedded in other infoboxes. For more information on these options, read Infobox Embedding.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Cut and paste box[संपादन करीं]

These parameters can be used to create a fully functional infobox.

{{Infobox mountain pass
| name = 
| photo = 
| photo_caption = 
| elevation = 
| traversed = 
| location = 
| range = 
| coordinates = 

Full parameters[संपादन करीं]

{{Infobox mountain pass
| name              = 
| other_name        = 
| photo             = 
| photo_size        = 
| photo_alt         = 
| photo_caption     = 
| map               = 
| map_alt           = 
| map_caption       = 
| map_relief        = 
| map_size          = 
| label             = 
| label_position    = 
| elevation         = 
| elevation_m       = 
| elevation_ft      = 
| elevation_ref     = 
| traversed         =
| location          = 
| range             = 
| grid_ref_UK       = 
| grid_ref_Ireland  = 
| coordinates       = 
| coordinates_ref   = 
| topo              = 
| embedded          = 
| child             =

Parameter descriptions[संपादन करीं]

This table describes most of the parameters available. See below for additional parameters. Only the name parameter must be assigned a value. Remember to reduce the width of photos and maps so that they do not inappropriately dominate the infobox.

Parameter Description
name Required. The name of the pass. It will be displayed at the top of the infobox. In most cases this should be the same as the article name less any disambiguation. For example, if the article title is Lolo Pass (Idaho–Montana) then name=Lolo Pass.
other_name This parameter can be used to display the name in the local language or for an alternate English name if it is commonly used. Use a language template if the name is not English. For example: {{lang-fr|Ventour in Provençal}} → फ्रेंच: Ventour in Provençal.
photo The name of an image file to be displayed. No special formatting is needed.
photo_width Can be used to change the display width of the image. The default and maximum value is 280px. Images with a horizontal orientation (landscape mode) will generally display well at the default setting. An image with vertical orientation (portrait mode) may need to be adjusted to 180px or 220px. For example, photo_width=200 and not photo_width=200px.
photo_alt Alt text for the photo, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
photo_caption A caption which will appear below the image if one is required.
map The name of the map to be displayed. See Map display methods below.
map_alt Alt text for the map. See WP:ALT.
map_caption A caption which will appear below the map if one is required.
map_relief This infobox will attempt to display a relief map if one is available. To force display of the default map image use |map_relief=0.
map_size Can change the display width of the map. The default and maximum width is 272px, but usually the map should be much smaller. For example, map_size=200 and not map_size=200px.
coordinates or coords For use with the {{coord}} template. When using the {{coord}} template standard footnote syntax can be used; |coordinates_ref= can also be used.
elevation The elevation of summit. Metres should be used first for all passes outside of the United States and feet for those within the U.S. For conversions, use elevation_m for metres to feet or elevation_ft for feet to metres.
elevation_ref Reference for the elevation using <ref>...</ref> tags. If elevation_m or elevation_ft was used, the reference must be supplied using this parameter.
traversed Any route which traverses the pass.
location The location of the pass. Don't be too precise. County, state and country are good in the USA. If the area is within a city specify the city, state and country. If the area is in multiple counties just list the state and country. For areas in other countries adjust accordingly.
range Mountain range if applicable. A subrange should be provided instead of any major mountain system unless there is no applicable subrange. For example, use Teton Range and not Rocky Mountains or Bernese Alps not Alps.
grid_ref_UK If the mountain pass is in Great Britain, the British grid reference. For locations outside of Great Britain, this field is not applicable and therefore should be removed if it is present.
grid_ref_Ireland If the mountain pass is in Ireland (whether Northern Ireland or the Republic), the Irish grid reference. For location outside Ireland, this field is not applicable and therefore should be removed if it is present.
topo The name of the topographic map showing the mountain. In Canada, this is usually the National Topographic System map number while for the USA, it's the map name from the USGS.

Map display method[संपादन करीं]

Display a marker on a map using a template and coordinates[संपादन करीं]

A marker can be superimposed on a map using one of a set of special map templates. To display a marker, the geographic coordinates must be specified using the {{Coord}} template inside the |coordinates= parameter. See the documentation for {{Location map}}. The parameters for this template map to a subset of the parameters used by {{Location map}}. A map template can be found using these sources:

List of templates – Many of the listed items are redirects and a few templates may not function as expected.
Category:Location map templates – templates sorted by category.
Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Location map/Info – a search that might help.
Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Location map/data/ – another search that might help.
Special:Prefixindex/Template:Location map – another search that might help.

All of the names begin with the words "Location map" followed by the area covered. The value you need to specify is the area name. The map template for the Alps is Module:Location map/data/Alps. In this case specify |map=Alps.

Turracher Höhe Pass
Turracher Höhe Pass is located in Alps
Turracher Höhe Pass
Location in the Alps. The pass is on the StyriaCarinthia border
Coordinates46°54′52″N 13°52′30″E / 46.91442°N 13.87500°E / 46.91442; 13.87500
{{Infobox mountain pass
| name = Turracher Höhe Pass
| map = Alps
| map_caption = Location in the Alps. The pass is on the [[Styria]]–[[Carinthia (state)|Carinthia]] border
| location = [[Austria]]
| coordinates = {{coord|46.91442|13.87500|region:AT}}

Microformat[संपादन करीं]

The articles created using this template include an hCard microformat. For more information read this.

Tracking category[संपादन करीं]