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Infobox month

Infobox month is used to create an infobox which summarizes the main information of a particular month.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Infobox month
मूल नाँव{{{native_name}}} Error {{native name checker}}: parameter value is malformed (help)
महीना के गिनती{{{num}}}
कुल दिन{{{days}}}
अंग्रेजी कलेंडर में{{{gregorian}}}
महत्व के दिन{{{holidays}}}
← {{{prev_month}}}
{{{next_month}}} →
{{Infobox month
| image       = 
| alt         = 
| caption     = 
| native_name = 
| calendar    = 
| num         = 
| days        = 
| season      = 
| gregorian   = 
| holidays    = 
| prev_month  = 
| next_month  = 

Parameters[संपादन करीं]

Template parameters
Parameter Explanation
image An image, if needed. Wikilinking, "File:", and pixel size not required.
alt Alt text for image per WP:MOSALT.
size Image size in pixels. Defaults to 215px.
caption A caption explaining the image.
native_name The name of the month in the native language. Use {{Native name}}.
calendar A link to the calendar's name the month belongs to.
num The month's number.
days The number of days in the month.
season The season the month takes place in.
gregorian The names of the Gregorian calendar months the month takes place in.
holidays The name of the holidays that take place in the month. Wikilink to article. Separate multiple holidays with bulleted lists (*).
prev_month A link to the previous month in the calendar.
next_month A link to the next month in the calendar.

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