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Usage[संपादन करीं]

Project for {{{aim}}}
Requirement {{{requirement}}}
Issued by {{{issuer}}}
Service {{{service}}}
Value {{{value}}}
Date initiated {{{initiated}}}
Expected completion {{{expected}}}
Proposals {{{proposals}}}
Prototypes {{{prototypes}}}
Date concluded {{{concluded}}}
Outcome {{{outcome}}}
Predecessor programs {{{predecessors}}}
Successor programs {{{successors}}}
Related programs {{{related}}}

This template does not function alone; it must follow {{Infobox aircraft begin}}.

This template provides general data on programs to develop types (and subtypes) of aircraft and aircraft engines, but not on the aircraft or engines themselves or their technical specifications.

{{Infobox aircraft begin}} and this template must be enclosed by {| and |} that enclose a wiki-table (see Help:Tables).

उदाहरण[संपादन करीं]

For an article on an aircraft program, use:

{|{{Infobox aircraft begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox aircraft program
 |parameters go here

Blank template[संपादन करीं]

{{Infobox aircraft program
| aim = 
| requirement = 
| issuer = 
| service = 
| value = 
| initiated = 
| expected = 
| proposals = 
| prototypes = 
| concluded = 
| outcome = 
| predecessors = 
| successors = 
| related = 

पैरामीटर[संपादन करीं]

a description of the aircraft or engine required or specified. Example:
  • All-weather naval air-superiority fighter
a formal name or a number for the requirement. Examples:
  • OR.229
  • Advanced Tactical Fighter Statement of Operational Need
the issuer of the requirement or specification. This might be a government department, ministry, or agency rather than a service. Note that some programs might be jointly issued by more than one department or even more than one government. Example:
the service for which the aircraft or engine is required. Note that some programs might be to procure an aircraft for more than one service. Where a service itself issues the requirement, this field is redundant; do not use it under these circumstances. Example:
the value of the program. Example:
  • $US 323 billion over 30 years
the date that the program was initiated
the date that a current program is expected to be completed
links to aircraft or engines proposed by manufacturers. Examples:
any prototypes evaluated for the program. Example:
the date that the program was concluded (whatever the outcome)
the outcome of the program. Example:
predecessor programs that were abandoned in favour of this one, or merged into this one
programs in favour of which this program was abandoned, or into which this program was merged
related programs. For example, the aircraft program for which an engine program is undertaken, or a program for a naval equivalent of a land-based aircraft program.

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]

Other modules currently available for the modular Infobox aircraft are:

{{Infobox aircraft begin}}
Must be included in every stack. This template carries the name, image, image caption, and formatting for the rest of the stack.
{{Infobox aircraft type}}
General data fields relevant to an aircraft type (or subtype), such as role, manufacturer, number produced, date of first flight (but not technical specifications)
{{Infobox aircraft career}}
Data fields relevant to an individually significant airframe, such as construction number, registration number, military serial, current preservation status.
{{Infobox aircraft engine}}
General data fields relevant to an aircraft engine, such as type, manufacturer, major applications (but not technical specifications)