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Use this template to display a Wikipedia icon followed by a link.

Set the first parameter as the icon's class or name (as given at {{icon}}).

Set the second parameter as the link's name:

Code Output
{{icon link |GA |Saints Row 2 (mobile)}} Good article Saints Row 2 (mobile)
{{icon link |A |''Saints Row 2'' (mobile)}} A-Class article Saints Row 2 (mobile)

To render the link in italics, include the parameter |i=, |italics= or |italic= with any value (e.g. "on", "true", "y"):

Code Output
{{icon link |FAC |Jumping Flash!|italics=on}} Featured article candidate Jumping Flash!
{{icon link |NA |Saints Row 2 (mobile)|i=y}} Non-article page Saints Row 2 (mobile)

(Note that "(mobile)" in the example immediately above is also now italicized.)

Alternatively, use the third parameter to specify a label for the link and/or its formatting:

Code Output
{{icon link |B |Saints Row 2 (mobile)}} B-Class article Saints Row 2 (mobile)
{{icon link |C |Saints Row 2 (mobile)|''Saints Row 2'' (mobile)}} C-Class article Saints Row 2 (mobile)
{{icon link |C |Saints Row 2 (mobile)|Something ''completely'' different}} C-Class article Something completely different

By default, the icon is rendered as 16x16px (16 by 16 pixels). To use a different size, set it as |iconsize= or |size=:

Code Output
{{icon link |Wikinews |Wikinews:Main Page|Wikinews}} Wikinews page Wikinews
{{icon link |Wikinews|iconsize=28px |Wikinews:Main Page|Wikinews}} Wikinews page Wikinews

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