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This template is used to produce a phonetic or phonemic representation (using the IPA system) of Irish words or sounds, using natural spelling to avoid the need to search for the correct phonetic symbols. The result is wikilinked to Help:IPA for Irish. Optionally, an audio file can also be specified.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

The number of parameters is always limited to 50.

Normal usage:

With an audio file:

To change the delimiters (for example, if several instances of the template need to be strung together because of the limit on the number of parameters):

The full range of special values for the first parameter (changing the delimiters and/or specifying that the next parameter is an audio file) is as follows:

  • -- [- -] // /- -/ AUD -]AUD //AUD -/AUD

Consonants[संपादन करीं]

The "broad" consonants are represented by the plain consonant, while the "slender" consonants are represented with an apostrophe ‹'› or prime ‹′› inside the parameter, after the consonant:

  • b c (or k) d f g h l m n p r s t bh ch dh fh gh mh ph sh th
  • b' c' (or k') d' f' g' h' l' m' n' p' r' s' t' bh' ch' dh' fh' gh' mh' ph' sh' th'

The fortis coronals can be represented either by capitalizing the letter or doubling it:

  • l n r l' n' r'
  • L N R L' N' R' (or ll nn rr ll' nn' rr')

Eclipsis and lenition can be inputted directly:

  • bp dt gc mb nd ng bhf bp' dt' gc' mb' nd' ng' bhf'
  • bh ch dh fh gh mh ph sh th ts bh' ch' dh' fh' gh' mh' ph' sh' th' ts'

Vowels[संपादन करीं]

Vowels can for the most part be inputted as written in Irish, including multigraphs as long as ‹eabhai›. Vowels with fada may be inputted with it, with an apostrophe directly afterward, or with a colon ‹:›.

A few vowels, due to their ambiguity in the writing system, are set to output question marks. Choice of vowel phoneme must be done manually:

  • oi ei io ui

Schwa [[[

en:mid central vowel|ə]]], which occurs in unstressed, reduced syllables, can be inputted in a variety of ways:
  • @ E y schwa

Other[संपादन करीं]

The following parameters have special meanings:

  • - (hyphen) for a space between words
  • ' (apostrophe) for a primary stress mark (placed before the stressed syllable)

Other values used as parameters will be displayed unconverted. (The conversion system is coded in Template:c-ga.)

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]